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Best plane seat to book if you want to get to sleep

Best plane seat to book if you want to get to sleep

Want to grab some sleep on a plane? Well, here's the seat to pick to give you the best chance of some shut-eye

If you are set to embark on a long flight and you’d like to get some shut-eye along the way, listen up - we’ve got some vital tips for you here.

No, it’s not to get yourself absolutely leathered in the airport lounge beforehand and pass out all the way across, that’s a one-way ticket - pun intended - to feeling very sick and probably quite embarrassed by the time you actually arrive at your eventual destination.

If you want to get to sleep, there’s actually some thought that has to go into it before you even get to the plane.

Of course, it goes without saying that wearing comfortable clothes and probably getting one of those daft-looking pillows will help as well, as might bringing an eye-mask and some noise cancelling headphones, but there are other factors to consider as well.

It all starts with the seats that you book on the plane.

For example, if you sit near the toilets or near the galleys at the front or back of the aircraft, there’s a chance you’ll be disturbed quite a bit, and therefore might struggle to get away to sleep.

Getting some kip on a plane is hard enough, but here's your best chance.

However, if you sit towards the middle of the plane you’ll be a long way away from anything, and most people will simply glide past you as they head up and down the central gangway.

Experts also suggest that you aim for a window seat, but that pretty much goes without saying.

If you sit in the middle you’ll have people pushing past you to get out for whatever reason, and if you sit in the aisle seat you’ll have two people to worry about, as well as everyone - and the trolley - moving down the other way.

Here’s a really pro-tip though.

Sitting in a window seat near the middle of the plane is a good start.

Buying a ticket for a window seat on the left side of the aircraft towards the middle is the real winner, as planes usually have seats off centre on the left, meaning that you can lean up against the side of the plane in a more comfortable fashion.

That’s where that pillow will come into its own, as well.

If you can’t get one of those seats, your next best option is to look for a bulkhead seat, as the ones that have a wall or divider in front of them mean that you won’t have people reclining into your precious personal space, and you might even get a bit of legroom.

So, if you manage to get into any of these suitable spaces, you should be able to cover those eyes, plug in some whale noises, and cruise off to sleep, waking up feeling refreshed at your destination.

Of course, getting in first class or business class will help, but it's not something most of us can afford.

Well, if you’re the sort of person who can sleep almost anywhere, anyway.

In truth, anywhere in economy class isn’t going to be totally ideal for sleeping, but these seats will just give you the best chance.

The real secret is to have loads of money to pay for a sleeping seat in first or business class, but obviously most of us don’t have that option.

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