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Brits are ditching holidays abroad after discovering mile-long pink beach right here in the UK

Brits are ditching holidays abroad after discovering mile-long pink beach right here in the UK

It's not always better overseas when this is on your doorstep...

Heading abroad for your summer holiday is something millions of UK residents do every single year.

We spend countless hours in our spare time planning that bit of relaxation in the sun or a busy city break with a gorgeous backdrop, before sitting and counting down the days until we get to take flight from our nearest airport.

But it's not always better overseas. And the UK has its fair share of stunning locations you can visit instead of heading somewhere else.

And one stunning location on the British Isles comes with a mile-long pink beach making it, to many, the most beautiful beach in the entire country according to one group of tourism experts.

It gives you exactly what you might be after when it comes to a holiday; that meaning a much-needed break away from the craze of every day life.

You won't find crowded areas of tourists and there are no issues when it comes to parking and cars being left everywhere, with the nearest car park a four-mile walk away.

A short drive away from the site you'll also be able to feast on hearty grub at a charming restaurant and B&B that, in a former life, operated as a primary school in the late 1800s up until 1970.

The beach itself is also rated a perfect five out of five from hundreds of visitor reviews, showing it really is a place worth your time.

Stunning (Getty Stock Images)
Stunning (Getty Stock Images)

The location we're on about is Sandwood Bay beach in Sutherland, on the Scottish coastline.

Getting to the stunning beach from a gravel car park at the hamlet of Blairmore, which right at the top of Scotland, isn't an easy ask with an eight mile round walk a necessary requirement. Proper footwear is required, that's for sure.

But it's worth it, according to those who visit it, with Sandwood Bay's pink colour coming the erosion of nearby sandstone cliffs - giving the sands a glow of pink right across the shoreline.

"The hike to the beach makes it all the more special," one visitor wrote.

"Not a particularly challenging walk, just long with not much to look at. The beach is so beautiful, it is so worth the journey."

There's a pink tint to the stunning coastline (Getty Stock Images)
There's a pink tint to the stunning coastline (Getty Stock Images)

Another said: "There is a four mile hike from the car parking area to get to the bay but it is well worth it.

"The trail is straightforward to navigate and has stunning scenery, making the whole experience excellent. Make a day of it and pack a picnic for the beach."

And a third wrote: "Lovely walk to the beach, not very hard to be honest. No other beach in the UK is this stunning and beautiful. Water was fresh and cold as you would expect from the north Atlantic. Brilliant day."

A ten minute drive away from the car park is the Old School Restaurant and Rooms, with staff welcoming to all those holidaying in the area.

While you might not get the sun and temperatures of the Mediterranean if you give it a visit, it could be the perfect trip for those looking to get off the grid and away from the hustle and bustle of normality. Even if just for a short while.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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