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Woman brutally rejected by boyfriend after proposing live on radio had her luck turned around later that day

Woman brutally rejected by boyfriend after proposing live on radio had her luck turned around later that day

Her live proposal didn't work but her luck changed later in the day

A woman who took the leap year opportunity to propose to her boyfriend live on air only to have it all go wrong had her luck change in the end.

Melbourne woman Carly appeared on 101.9 The Fox's Fifi, Fev & Nick yesterday (29 February) and called her boyfriend of five years Brad to propose, only things really didn't go as expected.

She said she felt like the 'luckiest girl alive' and that Brad made her 'feel like nothing else I’ve ever felt before' before uttering the words: "Will you marry me?"

Brad's reaction was not exactly what everyone wants to hear after popping the question as he said 'you're joking' and asked if their conversation was being broadcast live on air.

"I dunno like, yeah like, I'm not trying to put you on the spot but I just don't know if this is the sort of thing I'd do on air. It's a big deal and I'm pretty traditional," a flabbergasted Brad said.

It made for an awkward moment.
Fox FM

It was an incredibly awkward moment as this had obviously not gone the way Carly was hoping.

However, this story does have a happy ending after all as Carly called up the radio station the next day with Brad to say she was 'so mortified' by what happened after the awkward moment on air but things had turned out well anyway.

She explained that when she got home yesterday night Brad had booked a dinner for the two of them where he proposed to her.

Brad said he'd been 'run through the wringer yesterday' and revealed he'd been planning to propose as he'd already bought a ring for Carly.

In the end it wasn't a catastrophic disaster for the couple, who will be tying the knot after all, so fingers crossed this all turns out to be a funny story they tell the grandkids.

When you have a proposal live on your radio show and it goes wrong.
Fox FM

There are always going to be dangers when going the public route with a proposal as if you don't get the answer you wanted everyone is going to see.

Public proposals have gone badly wrong in the past, and there are some who have said yes in front of a crowd only to say no later on to avoid embarrassing their partner with everyone watching.

On top of that there are some inherent problems to going public, as psychologist Barbara Santini told the MailOnline.

She said: "Public proposals carry the inherent risk of transforming an intensely personal moment into a performance, which can be fraught with unintended consequences, both emotionally and psychologically."

The psychologist explained that a proposal was a 'life-altering decision' and she said that doing it in public risked making it more of a 'performance' than an intimate moment for a couple.

Featured Image Credit: Fox FM

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