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Woman who won her husband in a competition reveals why they won’t divorce

Woman who won her husband in a competition reveals why they won’t divorce

They planned to divorce after a week but ended up staying together

A couple who got together because of a competition and planned to divorce a week later are still together.

On Valentine's Day three years ago, which really shouldn't be 2021 but somehow is, Gunnar Michels and Danielle Gross tied the knot at a wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

They'd only met recently and taken a road trip across the US to Vegas after Gunnar had essentially launched a competition to get married to someone.

Basically, he was a content creator on TikTok who wanted to prove that 'people take life too seriously', and show that 'life's a game' by offering to get married to a stranger who got in touch.

Michels said he'd pay for everything involved 'including the divorce next week', and he got plenty of responses.

They're doing pretty well for a couple who planned to divorce a week after the wedding.

Part of the reason he'd launched the search was because of the pandemic, an unserious wedding seemed like a good way to meet someone new and get a fun story out of it.

Loads of people got in touch to offer to be his bride and one of those was Danielle, who ended up winning this competition when Gunnar actually showed up to propose at the beginning of 2021.

They'd only been chatting online for a few days by that point, and it wasn't long before they were off on a road trip from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Vegas.

Married on Valentine's Day and planning to divorce a week later, the couple are less than a month away from their third wedding anniversary, and show no signs of breaking up.

The reason according to Danielle, and you've probably guessed this already, is that they fell in love with each other for real, and decided to keep the relationship going.

You know what? Good for them.

The month after getting married, they travelled across the US in a converted ambulance and have since settled down in Danielle's home city of Pittsburgh.

Now, they make content together, because what are a pair of TikTokers going to do after they get married if not that?

Danielle admitted that she and her husband would never have got together if they'd seen each other in a bar or looked at each other's profiles on a dating app.

She'd always thought she'd like a Vegas wedding and saw Gunnar's video as the chance to tick that entry off the bucket list.

In the end, they just kept chatting after they tied the knot and fell in love in the most unexpected of ways.

Good for them!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@danielleandgunnar

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