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It's Curtains For A Python In A Single Bite After Picking A Fight With A King Cobra

Mel Ramsay

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It's Curtains For A Python In A Single Bite After Picking A Fight With A King Cobra

Damn, nature, you scary. Someone has only gone and managed to capture on camera the moment a king cobra killed a python with a single bite.

The incident was filmed on a public pathway on Sunday morning in Singapore.

Don't get me wrong, I love snakes. They're awesome. In fact, you probably know at least one person who owns one. They may or may not also have a Slayer poster on the wall and wear leather cuffs.


Anyway, in this video, the python adopts a defensive pose with its head in the air as it slides its tail towards the cobra in a stealth bid to strangle it. You know what they say about snakes, sneaky bastard.

However, it has no chance. The cobra attacks quicker than you can say 'watch out, mate. That snake's going to bite ya'. It sinks its fangs into its thick leathery skin and it's game over.


The cobra heads off into the undergrowth, and the python suffers an agonising death as the venom courses through its blood.

Eyewitnesses at the MacRitchie North Trail nature reserve said the seven-foot long constrictor slithered away and died.

Sheldon Trollope, whose home backs onto the trail, said: ''It's rare to see two apex predators fighting in broad daylight. It's even more rare to see a cobra kill another snake so quickly with such a precise bite. Usually they're entangled and entwined as they battle it out.

''The nature reserve is a nice place to walk through but it's a wild jungle, too. I put up the video not to scare people but to remind them this is what nature is all about.


''This clip shows it exactly as it is, and you get a really good feel of what goes on out there. I feel privileged to have been part of it.''

Sheldon reckons that the killing was pointless as the cobra would not have been able to eat its prey.

He explained: ''There were just too many people around for the cobra to come back and finish the job. People scared the cobra away.''

Nature is amazing, isn't it? Bit of a shame that the python died for no reason because of people ogling.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press

Topics: camera, python

Mel Ramsay
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