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Police Officer Saves Baby's Life After Pulling Parents Over For Suspected Drink Driving

Police Officer Saves Baby's Life After Pulling Parents Over For Suspected Drink Driving

Police officer PC Amanda Phipps has received a commendation for saving a baby's life.

Phipps pulled over Mariam Traore last August on suspicion of drink driving after she drove through two red lights.

The 32-year-old mother, and her boyfriend Mamadou, were actually on their way to a hospital as their two-week-old daughter Zara had stopped breathing.


PC Amanda Phipps getting her commendation for saving the baby's life

Credit: Sussex Police

When she was pulled over, Mariam left her car with Zara in her arms. Hearing the situation over her radio, PC Phipps knew she had to act quickly.

"My colleague leapt out and I heard him update on the radio saying, 'two-week-old baby, not breathing'," Phipps said. "Then I saw the mother get out of the car with the baby in her hands."

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Speaking to the Mirror, she added: "I jumped out of the passenger side and got in the back and she got in the back with me and gave me the baby. You forget how tiny they are. It was not quite a rabbit-in-the-headlights moment and I just said I would try.

"She was not breathing and I just thought I had to get some air in, so I did some rescue breathing.

Zara spent three days in hospital recovering and PC Phipps was rewarded with a commendation from Sussex Police this week.



Featured image credit: Sussex Police

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