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Watch This Woman Smash A 28 Ounce Burger Like It’s No Big Deal

Watch This Woman Smash A 28 Ounce Burger Like It’s No Big Deal

She eats it in under 10 minutes.

Patrick Hulbert

Patrick Hulbert

Credit: Kate's Food Challenges

I would love to be all macho here and say I once ate this and I ate that and I'm well good because of it and I'd beat her in a food race.

I'm a skinny fuck though so I'm not going to pretend I can eat shit loads, and certainly not quickly.

This isn't an excuse, however, as Kate Ovens is also skinny, and she can stuff her mouth with all sorts of fatty foods quicker than you can blink.

So she devours this 'glam burger' at the Honky Tonk Bar & Restaurant on Clapham High Street, which is a shit load of food.

She explains: "I've got the gold leaf bun, coated with gold egg and truffle, and then I've got bacon in here, I've got three of the Honky Tonk burgers as well..."

She makes it look like a piece of piss.

Credit: Kate's Food Challenges

The video is sped up but she manages to eat the whole thing in under 10 minutes, including drinking the sickly looking milkshake.

I'm now sat in my pants finishing off my large Papa John's pizza while I'm typing this (cos that's what we do at TheLADbible), and it's taken me 20 minutes just to eat half of a large Spicy Italian.

Kate, I bow down to your God-given talent for eating a load of food really quickly.

If you want to follow more of Kate's food challenges, you can do so on her Facebook page.

Words Patrick Hulbert

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