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Woman in tears after tattoo ends up looking like it’s ‘out of a cartoon book’

Woman in tears after tattoo ends up looking like it’s ‘out of a cartoon book’

A woman's dream tattoo went horribly wrong

A woman was left in tears after coming back from the tattoo parlour, but after seeing the end result, viewers have been left divided.

When it comes to a bad tattoo, unlike a bad haircut, your can't just wait for it to grow out.

Watch below as she explains what happened:

The anonymous TikToker, who uses the handle @user8171938461618394, went viral after she complained about a floral outlined tattoo she asked for on her back.

"The butterfly looks like it was out of a cartoon book, a colouring book," she said.

"I'm stuck with this f**king thing for the rest of my life. It looks nothing like the picture.

I don't know what to do."

So, this is what she wanted:

What she wanted.

In a follow-up video the TikToker explained that the tattoo artist she went to has a great line of work and she had used him twice before.

So she asked the artist for a tattoo of dainty flowers and a butterfly climbing up the right side of her back.

However, what was drawn on her back, looked nothing like the picture of the stencil.

Explaining what went down, the TikTok user said: "I'm sick. That's why I didn't respond. Let me explain though.

"So I went to this guy twice before. I'm not talking bad about him. He's good, like his work is really good. But I showed him a picture.

"So this is what I wanted, like simple, whatever. But he said that he had to make it 'my own forever'. So this is why I was crying [showing the tattoo]."

This is what she got:

This is what she ended up with.

The woman added: "He showed me that and then I cried the whole way home. It was like a 40 minute drive.

"But then when I got home, this is like what it looks like. I don't know. I was dramatic. I mean, whatever. It definitely make it shaded.

"But yeah, again, he was really good. His line work is amazing. I just whatever.

"And he did put the stencil on me like I saw it, but only in a picture because I couldn't stand up because I didn't have a shirt on."

Commenting on the clip, one viewer said: "For all the tears I was expecting something bad."

Another added: "Coming from another artist I believe he did a great job on your piece it’s unfortunate your not happy with it tho."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@user8171938461618394

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