Penguin Puts Homewrecker On The Ropes After Finding Him Chirpsing His Wife

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Penguin Puts Homewrecker On The Ropes After Finding Him Chirpsing His Wife

Judging by March of the Penguins, you'd have thought the main form of activity undertaken by these flightless birds would be walking. Walking and surviving, or walking and dying. One or the other.

But no, these animals can ruck like nobody's business. They can flip the face value cuteness completely on its head and engage in the most unspeakable, stomach-churning acts of violence, as is affirmed in this new clip brought to us by National Geographic, showing a penguin returning home to find his girl cradling another man.

Jarred, the cheated victim lunges for the homewrecking bastard in an unstoppable pursuit of revenge, not unlike anything we've seen in a Tarantino film. Within seconds, he draws a revolver and holds it against the cheater's temple.


'Make you feel good, huh?' the penguin says. 'Make you feel good to take a woman from a man? Make you feel big? Like a BIG man. Well, fuck you! What do you think I am? You think I'd sit around and let my kids lose their dad? Fuck that. I don't need that shit in my life.'

'Mate, just chill --'

'You die mothafucka!' the penguin screams before pulling the trigger, bringing the scene to a very gory close.


'What do you think I am, huh?' he continues, as his girlfriend attempts to restrain him, tears running down her face. 'Think I'm a fucking worm like you? I told you man, don't fuck with me! No, but you wouldn't listen. You stupid fuck. Look at you now'!

OK. All of that dialogue was paraphrasing Scarface, but the video's still brutal as fuck. In the end, the homewrecker wins. It's a harsh life lesson not just for the animal kingdom, but the human race, too.

Featured image credit: National Geographic

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