Clown Tries To Scare Mates But Gets Beaten Up With Baseball Bat Instead

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Clown Tries To Scare Mates But Gets Beaten Up With Baseball Bat Instead

This Halloween, if you want to scare the shit out of me, just dress like a clown. You can pick up your costume from most fancy dress shops - make up is optional.

The deal is that you can wear what you want, but wear it at your own risk. If you end up like this poor lad, who was beaten up after trying to scare a group of mates dressed like a clown, it's on you.

Footage has emerged which shows a clown, holding balloons, walking towards a car where a number of men were hanging out. It was perfectly legit, apparently.

"What the fuck is that, bro?" one of the man is heard saying as he spots the clown.


Another man is caught saying, "Run him over."

One man gets out of the car and shows clear signs of having clown issues when launching a brutal attack with a baseball bat and smashing it square into the clown's face.

*Warning: Graphic Content


I have issues with clowns, too, but that was just unnecessary. Be safe this Halloween and, for your own sake, don't go as a clown!

Feature image credit: Amusement/Picturehouse

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