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Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Can't Be Blocked On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife Can't Be Blocked On Facebook

It comes as no surprise to learn that the creator of Facebook has plenty of followers on his own platform.

In fact, he has 95,807,541 at the last count - more than most on the social media channel.


But should you ever get bored of his wanderings, or he suddenly keeps appearing on your profile thanks to artificial intelligence interrupting your flow, then you may wish to block him.

But, strangely, you can't.

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It basically means, if he's in your news feed, here's there to stay.


However, there is a reason behind it. It's because too many people have already tried to block him.

Similar to the limit placed on having 5,000 friends, once an account has received too many blocks, no more can be put in place.

"This error isn't specific to any one account," a spokesperson for Facebook to the Guardian.

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"It's generated when a person has bene blocked a certain large number of times.

"In very rare instances, a viral campaign will develop instructing lots of people to all wrongly block the same person."

Credit: PA

Priscilla Chan, Mark's wife, has also been subject to such heavy blocking and she herself cannot be subject to any more blocking.

One thing that can be blocked to do with the Zuckerberg's though is the family dog, Beast. Although, you'd clearly have to have no heart to do that.

Zuckerberg, who is estimated to be the world's fifth richest man, has made a staggering fortune of $56bn (£43.1bn) from the site.

It's enough to buy a football club, something (as the transfer rumour mill dies down for another four months) that he could easily do with his wealth, and still have plenty of change.

A Spurs fan checking Facebook for the latest transfer gossip. Credit: PA

The Facebook mogul, according to SPORTbible, is involved in a 'secretive American investment firm' called Iconiq Capital.

They allegedly made an offer to buy Tottenham Hotspur for £1bn ($1.3bn) but current owner, Joe Lewis wanted £2bn ($2.6bn).

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