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Here's The Information You Shouldn't Ever Share On Facebook

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Here's The Information You Shouldn't Ever Share On Facebook

All of us are probably a bit guilty of oversharing on social media. Whether that be TMI about your personal life (guilty), private messages (whoops) or even information that could be used to hack into your private accounts (yikes) - we've all been there.

Well, there's nothing worse than someone posting something nonsensical like: 'Urghhh the WORST thing has just happened to me' with no additional information, right? Turns out, no. It could be a lot worse.

We all hate having to set up security questions and answers, but they're there to help you when you inevitably forget your password. If you're a crafty hacker, you can use the information that people share on their social media you can figure these out.

So here's some stuff that you should never share...


Your address

Okay, so this is obvious. But don't put your address up on ANY social media. EVER. If you're sharing a picture of a letter or something (university acceptance letters for example), make sure you hide your address. It looks messy but it's worth it.

Why? Well, if you're the kind of person who likes putting up 'holiday countdown' clocks, then you're letting everyone know when you're going to be away from your home and exactly how long for. Plus, your address is key information for setting up credit cards and other loans. Be careful.

Your phone number


"Hey guys, lost my phone so here's my new number: 07*** *** ***". STOP. Your phone number can be used with a reverse search service and, hey presto, they've got your address.

Additionally, you've probably got people on your Facebook that you don't really know. We're all guilty of getting drunk and giving people our phone numbers in the smoking area. Just me? Okay. But giving your phone number out in the form of a status is just inviting people you may not want to contact you.

Your birthday

I know. This is such an annoying one. Everyone loves getting birthday messages. But if you're really concerned about your security, you're best off getting rid of this information. It's often used as a security question.


Your current location

It's great when you can tag yourself somewhere and show people that you do have a life and you don't just sit at home all night with your hand in a bag of Doritos while binge-watching Netflix. But you're also telling everyone where you are. This is a pretty obvious risk.

There's lots of other things that you shouldn't put online. For example, a picture of your new bankcard. I wish I could say that this doesn't happen, but it does. Remember when they introduced personalised bank cards? Yeah, a load of people shared pictures of them online. Don't. Do. This.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

Topics: Social Media, Facebook

Mel Ramsay
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