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Bridgerton Is Now Netflix’s Most Streamed Show Ever

Bridgerton Is Now Netflix’s Most Streamed Show Ever

Netflix has announced that Bridgerton has become their most streamed show in their history with 63 million households tuning in.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

We're all watching more telly than usual, but, at least I thought, not that much. Well, we might well be parking ourselves before the idiot box more than ever, if the latest news coming out of Netflix is anything to go by.

According to the streaming giant, we're watching more streaming TV than ever before, and specifically, more Bridgerton than literally any other show that they've ever broadcast before.

The period drama has become the most-streamed Netflix show ever, with an estimated 63 million households worldwide watching it in the first month of release. It's topped the charts in all but one country that has Netflix, including (obvs) Ireland.

Japan, since you're asking, is the exception: I have no idea what the Japanese have against lavish costumes and intrigue, but maybe Bridgerton doesn't have enough Craig Charles voiceovers and people running into doors. I've only ever seen one Japanese TV show, try and guess which one.

Of course, we have to big up one of our own in this streaming milestone: Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan stars as Penelope Featherington. Now I've never seen Bridgerton, but if you'd have asked me to guess a character name from the show, that's probably what I'd have come up with. I presume she's in a tryst with Lord Poshingfield at Croquet Manor.

Nicola recently spoke about the lengths that she had to go to in order to play Penelope, covering everything from costume to dancing and historical accuracy.

"We had brilliant people training us, such as choreographer Jack Murphy for the dances and historical advisor Dr. Hannah Greig, who would answer any and all of our questions about the era," she said.

"The hardest part about becoming Penelope was how long it took to get into the hair, makeup and costume. It took about two hours to get all that together so that was a big commitment."

"You hope people will connect with whatever you make, but I didn't think 63 million households would watch it," she added.

"That number blows my mind. It's amazing that it brought people joy at the end of such a dark year. People are writing Bridgerton musicals, and are being inspired by the clothes and finding joy in romance again. It's a really special thing to be part of."

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