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Young Mum Shocked To Find She's Sharing New Home With Family Of Snakes

Young Mum Shocked To Find She's Sharing New Home With Family Of Snakes

“I am worried they will get into my son’s cot and am constantly watching him.”

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

What's the worst thing you expect to find when you move into a new house? Dodgy '70s wallpaper in the spare room? Avocado bathroom suite? Wasp nest in the garage?

Any of that stuff would be a pain in the crease for a new homeowner, but it pales in comparison to what one young family in Leeds found lurking under the bath in their new crib.

23-year-old Rebecca West became understandably curious when she heard noises coming from behind the bath panel.

"I had heard a one-off scratch before but I thought it was probably a mouse and it would go," she said.

Upon further investigation, Rebecca and her partner Daniel Bodally, 31, discovered the source of the strange sounds and it wasn't a pretty picture.

Credit: SWNS

"Then we found a snakeskin and started investigating."

Lurking behind the panel, Rebecca and Daniel found a family of snakes, but before the couple had time to act, they reptiles quickly slithered off under the floorboards. Daniel tried to catch one before it got away but was bitten on the finger in the process.

"I don't think they are poisonous or he would have lost his finger by now," Rebecca added.

"We've not been able to catch any of them but we have seen them.

"We put a torch down the floorboard and they slip away, but you can see where they have been sliding about."

Credit: SWNS

The main concern for the couple now is that one of the snakes could potentially get into 17-month-old son Oscar's cot.

Rebecca and her partner think that the creatures are most likely non-venomous corn, king or milk snakes left by a previous tenant.

"Every time we try to catch them, they slide away quickly," she explained.

Credit: SWNS

Understandably, Rebecca and Daniel are pretty eager for Leeds City council to find them a house that they won't be sharing with a load of snakes.

"We have had to lift all the floorboards up because they are moving around," she said.

"The house is an absolute bombsite."

Leeds City Council has yet to comment on the matter.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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