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Karen Matthews Has Mushy Peas Dumped Over Head At Local Chippy

Karen Matthews Has Mushy Peas Dumped Over Head At Local Chippy

"Fish and chips to go please!"

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Karen Matthews was reportedly attacked by an enraged mum at a fish and chip shop due to her involvement in the false abduction of her daughter Shannon.

Mum-of-seven Karen was attacked with a piping hot pot of mushy peas as she made her way out of her local takeaway, the Daily Star reports.

The woman allegedly pursued Matthews outside to say "You evil bitch. I'm a mother too," before pouring the food over her head.

Matthews has recently found herself back in the public eye following the release of BBC drama The Moorside, which tells the story of the Shannon Matthews case from 2008, from which Karen still pleads her innocence.

A source told the Star: "Karen thinks this is just the start and wonders how many more attacks she will suffer.

"She was glad it was just a few peas but next time it could be worse. She was living quite a peaceful life until this programme came along. But Karen being Karen, she doesn't think it is anything to do with what she did by kidnapping her daughter."

The house where Shannon lived. Image: PA

Matthews was jailed for eight years after Shannon, then aged nine, was found drugged under a bed in Batley Carr, West Yorkshire.

It was later revealed that the plot was thought up by her so she could earn £50,000 in reward money that would be then split with partner-in-crime Michael Donovan.

Karen is now living life 200 miles away from Dewsbury Moor as a teetotal born-again Christian.

Karen in March, 2008. Image: PA

"She is a long way from Dewsbury and has only been recognised a couple of times in a year.," the insider said.

"But now with this new drama on the telly she's petrified. The show is bringing her crimes to the attention of a lot more people who were younger at the time and weren't aware of what she did."

Featured Image Credit: PA