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This Is Apparently What The Ideal Full English Breakfast Should Be Like

This Is Apparently What The Ideal Full English Breakfast Should Be Like

There are many thinks that make a person British. The love and craving for a cup of tea, for example. Or maybe crumpets, as stereotypes would lead you to believe.

They're all things we love, but none even come close to the greatness that the Full English Breakfast exudes. Fish and chips come are up there, but it's no match for the mighty Flenglish.


There's often debates regarding what the perfect fry up looks like, usually down to someone's personal preference, like having scrambled eggs instead of fried. Long ago Alan Partridge once gave a glaring review of his then girlfriend, Sonja's, attempt at his breakfast, but his words still ring true.

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YouGov has compiled some research into what makes a 10-on-10 breakfast after quizzing English people on what they think is the most important aspect of the breaky.

At the top of the list, as you'd expect, was bacon and sausage. After a quick ask around people close to me and the person who can answer all questions regarding greasy, fried breakfasts, my dad it was split between two two which was more important. YouGov found that bacon was king, with 89 percent of people saying it was the most important part of the meal.


Sausages weren't far behind, mind, racking up a nice 82 percent.

Credit: YouGov

Weirdly, the next integral piece of the plate came from a food that is not actually fried. Toast.

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Used mostly to mop up what's left at the end, it sat in third place with 73 percent, outlining just how important it is, should you choose to dip, wipe, mop, or combine. Maybe even make a sandwich.

Beans and fried eggs made up the rest of the top five, both getting 71 and 65 percent respectively. Oddly hash browns, a true stamp of the British breakfast, ranked lower. In my opinion they go closer to the top, especially if they're homemade. They held their own in sixth place with 60 percent.

Lovers of black pudding, despair, as the poor things only managed a dreary 11th place, unable to crack the top 10 with 35 percent. I personally think this is codswallop, but then again a lot of people are put off by the food.

In between hash browns and black pudding were fried mushrooms (48 percent), fried bread (47 percent), grilled tomato (45 percent) and grilled mushrooms (44 percent).

The rest of the rankings include things that shouldn't really make it onto a fry up, like poached eggs, chips and pancakes.

Scrambled and poached eggs got 34 and 24 percent respectively, while fried tomato, tinned tomatoes, sautéed potatoes, chips, vegetarian sausage, pancakes and boiled eggs dwindled in the late teens making up the top 20. White pudding came in at 21 with a dismal three percent, a score that is really not justified.

I think it's also worth mentioning that if you consider a Spoons fry up to be 'decent' or 'spot on', you can fully fuck off.

Along with a greasy breakfast there should always be a cup of tea; a coffee if you're really tired. A glass of juice is also a welcomed addition, which must sit alongside an array of sauces.

I think whether or not you go for brown, red, hot, mustard or whatever you prefer is another debate for another day.

What makes the perfect fry up for you? Let us know in the comments.

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