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Baseball Bat Wielding Road Rager Gets Instant Karma From Driver

Mark McGowan

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Baseball Bat Wielding Road Rager Gets Instant Karma From Driver

Road rage videos have become all the rage ever since Ronnie Pickering forced his way onto our smartphones a few years ago.

A video went viral of Mr Ronnie Pickering giving it the big'un to a motorcyclist who he got pissed off at for overtaking him.

Pickering offered out the motorcyclist in one of the most ridiculous clips ever, and it's always great to revisit it.


Never gets old.

Sadly, we never got to see Ronnie's bare knuckle skills, but we certainly got to see this guy's.

Two lads decided to take their anger out on the fella's car, proceeding to grabbing a baseball bat out of the boot of their car. They shout some things at the driver who's annoyed them, then one of them, rather rashly, smacks the front of his car with the bat.

As you would, the victim of the attack got out of his motor and squared up to the armed guy. Not deterred by the swinging bat, he leans in and lands a hefty right, sending the the attacker to the floor and into some bushes.


Credit: ViralHog

Now lying in the shrubbery seeing stars, he has to rely on his mate to have his back. He does, but not for long.

He tries to tackle the man who's just knocked his mate clean out, but fails, and after a few seconds where they disappear from view, they return and we're able to see that he's got some kind of rear naked choke on his second attacker.


Once he chokes out the road rager he gets back in his car, puts on his hazard lights to apologise to the car behind, mounts the kerb and gets off, leaving his destruction behind.

That's great and all, but this row between two Scottish blokes, takes it to the next level. Just because it's so Scottish.

A man on his motorbike is filming the footage, with the video beginning with him arriving at a roundabout, waiting to exit.

While waiting for a chance to pull out, a driver pulls up alongside him, shouting at him through his window.


After a to-and-fro of abuse, the driver gets out of his car, pushing the motorcyclist to the ground. The driver then walks back to his car, but before he can get in the motorcyclist is on his back.

The man who uploaded the footage, going by the YouTube name of 2wheel honda, put in the description: "Guy shouted at me first. I didn't know I was going to be attacked.

"He also blocked my view of the roundabout so I couldn't pull away in time; also there was traffic coming.


"The reason I went back round to his side of the vehicle is because I thought he may get a weapon from his car and also my bike was on the ground so I couldn't exactly run or ride away if he did come at me with a weapon!

"The cam has a three min buffer, the other 40 seconds is me sitting at a red light, but I filtered the left hand side along zigzags which I now realise or think is illegal, and this is why he has done it."

The incident happened at the Westfield roundabout in Falkirk, Stirlingshire. In the video, a woman can be heard saying that someone had called the police.

According to The Sun, a police spokesperson said: "We received a report of a road rage incident that happened on Friday 29 July on Stadium Way, Falkirk.

"Officers are following a positive line of enquiry."

It's currently not known if any action has been taken.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

Mark McGowan
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