Scientists Call For Pablo Escobar's 'Cocaine Hippos' To Be Culled

Scientists Call For Pablo Escobar's 'Cocaine Hippos' To Be Culled

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Shares The Emotional Reason Behind His Dad’s Christmas Gift

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Shares The Emotional Reason Behind His Dad’s Christmas Gift

You'd never expect Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to give out understated Christmas presents. In fact, you'd expect him to go a bit mad, wouldn't you?

This year he didn't shy away when buying his dad an excellent gift, and gave us all a story as to why his father deserves anything from him.

Rocky Johnson, who was also a professional wrestler, like his dad before him and his son after him, became homeless after an altercation with his mum and her boyfriend one Christmas. The Rock told the story of how back then he only needed and wanted the bare minimum, and continues to live by that mentality.


"Crazy story, my dad's dad died when he was 13 years old," he wrote on Instagram. "That Christmas, my dad's mom had her new boyfriend over for Christmas dinner. Her boyfriend got drunk and pissed on the turkey.

"My dad went outside, got a shovel, drew a line in the snow and said if you cross that line I'll kill you. The drunk crossed it and my dad laid him cold as a block of ice.

"Cops were called. They told my dad's mum that when her boyfriend regains consciousness, he's gonna kill your son so one of them has got to go.

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Dwayne Johnson Gifts His Lifelong Pal A New Car

"In front of the entire family, my dad's mum looked at him and said get out. He was 13 years old and now homeless. That fucked up true story happened in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1954. He needed the bare minimum then, just like he does now."


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Despite the fact Dwayne wants to give his dad everything he possibly can, he'll never ask for it. But he basically thought, 'fuck that, you're getting a new truck'.

"Over the years, I've moved him into a big home, got him trucks to drive (which he'll literally drive into the ground until I get him something else)," Dwayne continued. "Hell, I'll get him anything he wants, but the SOB just won't ask."

We're still waiting on our Christmas present from the actor, as well as a stack of pancakes we're dying for him to make us. But we will wait patiently, Dwayne.


What a legend.

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