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Female DJ Live-Streamed Herself To Make A Point About Sexism

Female DJ Live-Streamed Herself To Make A Point About Sexism

A female DJ went viral 'because of sexism' after live streaming a video of herself.

Portuguese Mari Ferrari filmed herself for an hour and 16 minutes, djing and dancing, while showing off an incredibly curvy body with the words 'I will be famous because of sexism' written behind her on the wall.

However, like most stuff you see online it wasn't what it seemed:


In the last minute of the video Mari can be seen removing two balloons from her top and then pulling out the padding which was giving her a much rounder bum.

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And a lot of the comments that Mari received while streaming herself seemed to prove her point, with the majority totally falling for her plan and making comments based on her appearance.

One guy, who takes missing the point to the next level, wrote: "So what precisely is she doing other than being made of 90% plastic (silicone) turning some nobs (that don't seem to be changing anything) and 'dancing' horribly?"


Another commented: "If you bolted on any more body parts, you could be the terminator." And still not getting it, despite loads of the comments explaining what she was doing, someone else posted: "Look at yourself in the mirror and you better sued that Doctor. He has no idea where assssss come from."

Although one viewer was pretty spot on when part-way through she wrote: "Look at the sign behind her.... and she is right she's getting famous because of it. Applause to this girl..."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/djmariferrari

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