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Horrific Moment Pit Bull Attacks A Beagle Puppy And Its Owner

Horrific Moment Pit Bull Attacks A Beagle Puppy And Its Owner

Dramatic footage has emerged of a Pit Bull attacking a Beagle puppy and its owner on the streets of America.

The video shows the horrific moment the dog bites down and grapples the Beagle's neck as her owner, injured herself, attempts to rescue it.

Nearby crowds assist the owner in trying to break up the scuffle but it proves a tough test. One man even resorts to kicking the Pit Bull.

At one point the owner appears to be getting choked by the dog's leash.


Eventually, the Pit Bull is dragged away. The Beagle's owner remains in hysterics for some time after as the pup is cared for by helpful strangers.

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Credit: RawReel

Thankfully the Beagle only had a few scratches and the owner had a bloody nose but both seemed traumatised by the horrendous incident.


Buffalo Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse And Attacks Owner

published at7 months ago

It is still unknown what happened prior to the start of the video but it looks an unprovoked attack.

Main image credit: RawReel

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