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Man Accidentally Shoots Friend At Dinner Party He Live-Streamed On Facebook

Man Accidentally Shoots Friend At Dinner Party He Live-Streamed On Facebook


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Filming or recording things in a 'live' environment is always risky business. Anything can happen.

Steven Leannais demonstrated this when he live-streamed himself on Facebook accidentally killing his friend at a dinner party in Cleveland, Ohio.

Late last week Leannais was entertaining his guests with a gun.

The people involved in the clip claim to not know whether the firearm is loaded or not, telling Steven he should probably check before he does anything with it. He then holds up bullets to the camera, however, one must have still been in the chamber.

Eventually 27-year-old Anthony Stanford II arrived and was then allegedly killed by Leannais, the Daily Mail reports.

The events leading up to the shooting. Credit:

According to police reports, once the stream ended the host lowered the weapon to his side and pulled the trigger, shooting his guest in the chest.

Leannais reportedly rang the emergency services straight away. Anthony was rushed to hospital but died a short time afterwards.

The 30-year-old 'accidental' shooter appeared in Cleveland Municipal Court earlier this week and faces a bond set at $10,000.

Prosecutors are reported to not be considering the murder to be an 'accident', and are placing full responsibility on the shoulders of Leannais.

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