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Picture Of Woman Makes It Look Like She's Got A Big Ol' Throbber

Picture Of Woman Makes It Look Like She's Got A Big Ol' Throbber

A lot of things go viral these days, so it's literally gotten to the point where the majority of content is water off a duck's back.

One thing that manages to worm its way onto multiple timelines, and simultaneously wreck heads, is optical illusions.

Most of the time it's a picture of someone who is positioned in such a way that it looks like they're parading their genitals about - and this is no different.

Spotted on Imgur, this snap shows a woman posing in her work clothes, but people began to notice something rather odd.


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Looks fine, really, doesn't it? That is until you clock that what looks like a huge lazy lob on is hanging down to her knees.

Probably due to the lighting, and the way she is stood, she's got a throbber that would put Orlando Bloom to shame on his boogie board.


The picture has rightly left people quite amused on social media, and is just another to add to the plethora of other x-rated illusions.

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

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