Someone Has Graffitied 'Send Nudes' Into Iceland Beauty Spot

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Someone Has Graffitied 'Send Nudes' Into Iceland Beauty Spot

One of Iceland's moss-coveted hills has been 'graffitied' with the words 'send nudes'.

The words were spotted at the popular tourist spot near Nesjavellir, after visitors to the site had pulled out clumps of moss to spell out the message. Experts reckon it could take 70 years for the moss to grow out and 'send nudes' to disappear.

That will be there for 70 years. I don't think the phrase 'send nudes' is going to age very well, do you? Future generations, in the year 2080, will be looking at that hill and thinking 'wtf?'.


Iceland has seen a massive increase in tourism in recent years. Credit: PA

Gunnar Birgisson, a tour guide who spotted the damage, told the Independent: "I think someone was trying to be funny. But they don't realise they are vandalising nature and possibly causing this to spread.

"People come from such different places from Iceland that they don't know what's right and wrong. And it's a herd mentality."


Credit: Facebook/Gunnar Birgisson

This isn't the first time Iceland has suffered as its popularity as a tourist spot grows. Gunnar went on to tell the paper that the country has a big problem with tourists off-roading and ruining the countryside. The country expects to have around 2.3million visitors this year, which is almost seven times the country's population of 335,000.

Gunnar said: "Today, with rapidly growing tourism we can see endless new, bad footprints all over the country. People are writing in moss, driving off-road, stacking stones, writing with stones and spilling vegetation.


Credit: PA

"I'll say that the damage is not made by bad intention, only by people who don't know how vulnerable nature and especially the vegetation is in this country where the summer only lasts for two or three months.

"The 'graffiti' we see there will last for at least 70 years. It's a horrible view and is a challenge for other shallow people who see it to do the same. Someone wrote the first words and others followed.

"Now we have to teach our guests that we have zero tolerance against behaviour like that."


Or to put it another way, don't be a dickhead.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Gunnar Birgisson

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