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Adult star has two-word trick for getting a date when sliding into celebrities' DMs

Adult star has two-word trick for getting a date when sliding into celebrities' DMs

The OnlyFans star confessed she has a thing for comedians

Dating in the 21st century can be tricky business.

With non-casual, low-commitment flings seemingly taking preference over meaningful long-term relationships, is it any wonder that singletons all over the world are struggling to find that special someone?

And if finding a date is difficult enough for normal lonely hearts, imagine how trying it can be to fall in love if you're a big-name celebrity.

It must be hard work sussing out the genuine romantics from those looking to make a pretty penny from your fame.

No wonder they're all so uptight when it comes to discussing the ins and outs of their love lives.

It turns out, however, that there's actually a rather simple way of making a high-profile celebrity fall head over heels for you.

In fact, one x-rated star has revealed the crafty two-word message that she DMs to A-listers to attract their attention.

Ray revealed her top dating tips for bagging a celeb.

Lumina Adams (also known as Lumi Ray) was a once-successful chef of over five years who turned her attention to OnlyFans after catching wind of the mass money that can be made from the exclusive content-sharing site.

It was then that she followed the path to porn, describing her first adult movie as an instant hit.

"I made more in the first like 10 hours of having [an OnlyFans page] than I did in my eight hour shift of work in a fine dining restaurant."

Ray doesn't just use her online platform as a means of raking in the cash, however - she claims she also uses her Instagram platform to bag herself a date.

The OnlyFans star was previously a chef.

In fact, the 26-year-old has developed quite a reputation for expressing an interest in famous people on social media, by sliding into their DMs with two key words.

"I usually just slide and then say ‘would bang’ – that's it," Ray told podcaster Holly Randall earlier this week.

And apparently, her little catchphrase has proven successful several times after winning over the likes of acting stars and comedians.

"If it's a famous person I don't really see it becoming a relationship," she says.

"If there's one job more vulnerable than being naked on camera. It’s telling jokes to a crowd."

The adult star confessed she prefers comedians.

Ray also claims that that the men she approaches generally do respond to her DMs.

And in a world where she insists that most people hoping to land themselves a celebrity partner send timid messages, Ray insists that it pays off to be more direct.

"I like to do things that scare me," she laughs.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lumi_ray

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