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Two Of DaddyOFive's Kids Have Been Removed From His Custody

Two Of DaddyOFive's Kids Have Been Removed From His Custody

Two of the children from the DaddyOFive YouTube channel have reportedly been taken from their dad and step-mum and returned to their biologic mum.

Last month the popular channel came under fire after viewers claimed some of the 'pranks' carried out by Mike Martin and his wife Heather were bordering on child abuse.


In one of the videos, which have all since been removed, Mike and Heather poured disappearing ink on the carpets and then began screaming and shouting at son Cody, aged nine, accusing him of chucking the ink around. Little Cody became visibly distressed in the video, which ended with Mike and Heather laughing as they explained the 'prank'.

In another video, Mike could be heard telling his son to slap his sister Emma, 11, in the face as a 'forfeit' for losing a bottle flip game. In the clip, Mike could be heard telling Cody: "You know you don't hit girls, but she's your sister so she don't count."

In the comment section, hundreds of people called the couple out for mistreating their children, with some even calling child protection services.


In the days following Mike and Heather removed all the videos from their YouTube, apart from a 21-minute apology, in which they say it was all just pranks and the kids were in on it.

However, even under the apology video the comments came flooding in from angry commenters. One wrote: "I hope these kids don't genuinely feel like they have to cover for you by saying everything is ok."

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Another added: "What little kid is going to go against a parent who clearly psychologically abuses them for @YouTube money? These are garbage parents."

They also posted an apology to Twitter:

Now, a video posted to lawyer Tim Conlon's YouTube channel claims that Cody and Emma's biological mum, Rose, has been given 'emergency custody'.

Speaking to lawyer Tim, Rose says: "Emma and Cody are with me. I have emergency custody.

"They're doing good and they're getting back to their playful selves."

There is no mention of where Mike's other children, 14-year-old Jake, Ryan, 12, and Alex, nine, are residing.

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