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Mum Refuses To Cover Up 'Filthy' Tattoo When She Takes Her Kids To School

Mum Refuses To Cover Up 'Filthy' Tattoo When She Takes Her Kids To School

Is she right or wrong?



A mum-of-two has refused to cover up her very colourful tattoo, despite receiving judging looks from other parents on a regular basis.

23-year-old Anna Jeff proudly has Minnie Mouse giving Mickey Mouse a very good time on her shoulder. The inking is apparently the result of a messy night-out. Go figure.

The artwork, which is sure to ruin everyone's memories of Disney, is something Anna doesn't regret. And you wouldn't be surprised, especially when you consider she's a self-proclaimed "wild child."

"I was 18 and wanted to get my first tattoo so made a joke to a few family members that I was getting one of Minnie and Mickey doing naughty things," Anna told The Sun Online. "They were all losing their minds but being told not to do something makes me want to do it... so I had it done."

Credit: Anna Jeff

Sadly, Anna's dad, Andy, didn't quite see the funny side of a much loved child's character orally pleasuring another. In fact, he was so angry he cut his honeymoon short to come home and have a word.

"The reaction from my family was awful," she said. "My dad was on his honeymoon at the time and ended up leaving early to come home.

"He was worried what I would do next.

"But my tattoo has got me plenty of free drinks on nights out as everyone is fascinated.

"It's pretty large so it stands out. Most people love it and say it's amazing.

"I'm normally the talk of the pub if I go out with friends and people ask to take pictures of it."

Credit: Anna Jeff

The tattoo, as you would predict, attracts quite a lot of attention when Anna drops off her two kids at school, as other parents don't think it's appropriate.

A lot of looks are shot her way, but she's standing by her decision and doesn't want to cover it up. Unless it's a wedding. Or a Christening. Or a kid's birthday party. Basically fuck the school run.

"It's a natural part of my life," she says. "If a child points it out to their parents on the school run or at the park I normally get a filthy look.

"If looks could kill I would be six feet under.

"My oldest son says he loves these characters but luckily he hasn't yet asked what they are doing.

"When he does I'll let his daddy deal with that conversation.

"I don't regret it but I do sometimes think I should of thought about the future before having it done."

E4's Tattoo Fixer's have reportedly been in touch with Anna, but she's yet to take them up on any offers.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Jeff

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