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Woman horrified after man called her ‘disrespectful’ when she didn’t clean up after he wet the bed

Woman horrified after man called her ‘disrespectful’ when she didn’t clean up after he wet the bed

The Aussie called time on their casual romance after he left the stinky sheets for her to sort out.

Most people who wet the bed at their significant other's house would strip the sheets, scrub the mattress and apologise profusely.

Accidents happen, of course! But it seems this one bloke missed the memo on how to make it up to your misses after a bout of incontinence.

An anonymous woman called into Australian radio station Triple J to explain her dating disaster which marked the end of their budding relationship.

She told The Hook Up Podcast hosts Dee Salmin and Pip Rasmussen how the mystery man ruined his chances just a couple of weeks in.

The caller explained: "A guy that I was sleeping with, only for a couple of weeks, pissed in my bed one night when I was there."

But it wasn't the stinky bed sheets that caused her to kick her love interest to the kerb - it was the fact he just left them.

She explained that he 'didn't clean up after himself' and 'expected' that she would sort out the mess for him.

If that isn't grounds for ghosting someone, I'm not sure what is.

The hosts were left visibly shocked by the dating disaster story.

But the final nail in the coffin was when the doomed couple met up for a coffee to discuss the wetting the bed debacle.

After spending 'the whole day cleaning up the pissy sheets', the least this woman deserved was a hot beverage bought for her.

Yet it seems this fella has more front than Blackpool, as he let her fork out for her own coffee and didn't even say sorry for his night time accident.

"Not even an apology, an apology coffee, nothing like that," the Aussie fumed.

She then claimed that the man was bizarrely under the impression that the pair would 'continue sleeping together'.

He didn't take the news of the demise of their casual relationship well either.

The woman explained: "When I kind of tried to let him go and say that it was a bit disrespectful that I had to clean up after him, he told me that I was disrespectful!

"And I was like, 'Bro you pissed in my bed!"

Dee and Pip were visibly horrified by the extraordinary tale and couldn't get their head round the man's reasoning.

The woman was outraged that he left the mess for her to clean up.

The woman then went onto explain he was annoyed that she had texted him rather than called to discuss their breakup, labeling her as 'disrespectful'. Wow.

The video, shared to The Hookup's Instagram page, garnered over 7,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One viewer wrote: "Men have nothing but audacity."

And another said: "Bro how do you even go for coffee afterwards? P*ssing in the bed without a medical reason is where I draw the line lmao what a story."

While a third added: "People have zero accountability for their own lives. She’s nicer than me. I would have instantly blocked his number."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@triplejthehookup

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