Guy Gets The Most Savage Revenge On Man Who Bullied Him In High School

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Guy Gets The Most Savage Revenge On Man Who Bullied Him In High School

There are plenty of ways to get revenge on a person who wronged you (not that we're advocating revenge). Some people like to get it over and done with quickly, while others prefer to wait it out and pick the perfect moment to strike.

But this guy in Boston is just pure savage. Have a listen to our edited version...

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Rob went on a date with Arielle, and despite the fact that she was 20 years older than him, she was surprised when he didn't call back for a second rendezvous.

So the mum did what anyone would do: ring a radio station to get the hosts to ask Rob for her. Arielle told Hot96.9 Boston the dinner went really well and the sex was 'incredible' and that Rob had 'never made me feel that way'.

But her plan backfired immensely when Rob got on the air.

The DJs called Rob and explained that they were wondering if he wanted to give it another shot with Arielle, but he said: "I can't believe this is actually happening right now, this is hilarious. Look this is going to make me sound like a huge asshole, but whatever.

"So this was all kind of a revenge thing. Like, I saw her online and I recognised her last name and it turns out her son actually used to bully the shit out of me. And so I figured if I could fuck his mum, I would rub it in his face."

The radio show hosts don't hide their disbelief and shock, while Arielle says: "Are you serious? You're friends with Sam?"

To which Rob replies: "No, I'm not friends with your asshole son. Look I don't know if you cared what he was doing, but he was a total prick to me and he ruined my life. And now I'm going to return the favour."


Arielle says his revenge tactic was disgusting and questions who on God's green earth would ever do something that sinister.

But Rob couldn't help but gloat: "I can't wait to tell him that you called a radio station because you wanted to see me again that bad. This is too perfect."

The heart broken mum goes as far as saying that because of this savagery, Rob 'deserved' what he got in high school at the hands of her son.


Rob says he has a very specific way of delivering the burn: "I plan on sending your son a text with two words that says 'I win' and then when he says 'why', it's going to be that picture that I took of you."

He adds that that image is of her in a very compromising position. Arielle sounds genuinely shocked that he had a picture of that sex act, but says she will get him arrested and 'thrown in jail' for taking a photo without her consent.


But Rob hits back, saying: "You were making direct eye contact with it. Don't pretend you didn't know it was happening."

While Arielle tries to leave with the last word by saying: "Let Sam see you and he'll beat your ass again." Rob simply says: "I don't think so. I've been taking Krav Maga, so if he comes anywhere near me, I'll kick the shit out of him after fucking his mum."

Absolutely savage.

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