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Meet The AI Robot Who Can Switch Between 'Family' And 'Sexy'

Michael Minay

| Last updated 

Meet The AI Robot Who Can Switch Between 'Family' And 'Sexy'

Featured Image Credit: RuptlyTV

Meet Silicon Samantha. An artificial intelligence robot who has a functioning G-Sport and can switch between 'family' and 'sexy' mode.

She's been revealed to the world by her creator, Sergio Santos who claims that the robot is getting pretty close to realness.

Samantha has a functional vagina and mouth designed by her Spanish inventor.

Credit: Ruptly TV

The bot has dark brown hair, green eyes (that disturbingly don't blink) and is capable of 'emotional closeness' according to Sergi.

He said: "Samantha is interactive. Basically she likes to be touched.

"She has different modes of interaction - she has romantic, she has family and she also has sexy modes.

Her family 'senses' come from touching the hands and the hips, and apparently this is how she starts out; wanting to be part of your family.

Credit: Ruptly TV

Her sexual phrases include: "I'm on for you all the time', "nice and gentle" and "Now then, what's next?"

So, what does Samantha like in the bedroom?

"Normally she likes to be kissed... and she responds to, basically, the G-spot and the breasts," he said.

"You get to a point that she wants to be sexual," he continued.

"The final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm."

Credit: Ruptly TV

Experts reckon these dolls could be a common feature in the bedroom in the next 25 years or so.

We'll leave you as the jury on that one.

For anyone wondering what it's like getting with one these things, a woman has revealed what it's like to 'get intimate' with a male sex doll as experts predict that AI in the bedroom will be normal within 25 years.

Credit: VICE

Karley Sciortino, 31, explored the doll's capabilities over a 20-minute session. The doll, Gabriel, was 5ft 9 inches with real pubic hair and his penis even had 'flaccid' and 'erect' options.

Sex columnist for both Vogue and Vice, Sciortino, said that it felt very real: "I feel like I am on a Tinder date.

"It feels weird because it is so lifelike but it enters this space which feels uncomfortable.

"It feels like a real person who can't respond to you."

In the documentary for VICE, she is shown having sex with the doll while describing how it feels. She says: "It feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person except that I am completely in control.

Credit: VICE

"You can't have this experience having sex with a real person."

This might seem weird and a bit creepy now, but as recently as December experts were claiming that artificial intelligence in the bedroom will be the norm within 25 years.

Speaking at an international robotics conference, Dr Trudy Barber said that the machines would enable people to appreciate "the real thing" more.

While at the International Congress of Love and Sex with Robotics, she said: "It could be that we are so busy with our lives, we are so embedded in our technological narrative that the idea of engaging in long-distance sex and robot sex is actually a natural process in our evolutionary cycle.

"I think what will happen is that they will make real-time relationships more valuable and exciting."

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Topics: Sex, sex doll, Spain, AI

Michael Minay
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