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Why Is Peppa Pig Banned? What Countries Have Banned Peppa Pig?

Why Is Peppa Pig Banned? What Countries Have Banned Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig has been banned in China and Australia, here's why.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Believe it or not, Peppa Pig has caused enough controversy in some countries to get itself banned.

And before you jump to conclusions, it's nothing to do with Peppa Pig being used as an icon on bacon sandwich advertisements or the dark fan theory about how she died.

Here's why Peppe Pig is banned in some countries.

Why is Peppa Pig banned in China?

According to reports, Peppa Pig is banned in China because the character supposedly promotes "gang subculture." We're yet to see Peppa dealing drugs or committing heinous crimes during an episode, but okay?

It's not as simple as that. Apparently, China's decision to censor the British children's show came after Peppa's character became popular with a subculture of internet users known as 'shehuiren' or 'society people.'

The group supposedly holds "anti-establishment views" and "gangster" attitudes. As a result, Peppa got the chop... so to speak.

Peppa Pig is hugely loved with children (
Entertainment One)

Why is Peppa Pig banned in Australia?

A 2004 episode of Peppa Pig named 'Mister Skinny Legs' was banned in Australia in 2012 because one of the characters said that "spiders can't hurt you," when in Australia, they absolutely can.

Authorities didn't want children to think all spiders in their country were harmless and so the episode has been taken off air a number of times in Oz.

Unlike China though, it's only this one episode of Peppa Pig which is banned in Australia - and we would say it's for a pretty good reason.

Which countries have banned Peppa Pig?

As far as we know, Peppa Pig hasn't been banned in any other countries and the little pink piglet is very popular with American viewers who try to mimic Peppa's english accent and vocabulary.

Recently, Peppa was seen roasting (pardon the pun) Kanye West on Twitter over getting a better album review for Peppa's Adventures: The Album than his new Donda release did. Peppa gloated that her album didn't need listening parties to get a better score than the American rapper. Cheeky piggie!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@officialpeppa

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