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Bare-knuckle boxer who ‘came back from the dead’ reveals what happens 'in the afterlife'

Bare-knuckle boxer who ‘came back from the dead’ reveals what happens 'in the afterlife'

He 'died' when he was just six years old and has vivid memories of what he saw

A bare knuckle boxer who ‘died’ when he was electrocuted at just six years old has revealed what he saw in the ‘afterlife’.

Aaron McCallum, who is set to fight for the British title at BKB32 later today (21 May), was out playing in a field with his brother and some pals when he tripped and accidentally grabbed hold of electric wires, sending thousands of volts running through his body.

The boxer and dad-of-six told the Daily Star what he saw in those minutes.

Like others who have 'died' and then come back to life, McCallum has strong memories of what he saw during that time and is now convinced that the afterlife is real.

Thankfully, McCallum was saved by his quick-thinking dad who stepped in and ‘booted’ him off the wires.

Following his brush with death, McCallum says he feels as though he was given a ‘second chance’ at life.

Opening up about the life-changing incident, McCallum told the publication: “I was playing football with my brother and two of his mates on a field and the ball went into this building.

Aaron McCallum ‘died’ when he was just six-years-old.
Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baron

“I ran after it, slipped on a board and when I tried to stop myself falling I grabbed some wires that sent thousands of volts through me.

"Everything was lit up so bright I could hardly see and I started floating up.

“I saw a castle and I floated over the walls. There was someone on the other side reading a book to some kids.

"He came over to me and said, ‘It’s too soon for you, you should go back’.

“I woke up when I heard my brother screaming and it turned out my dad had booted me off the wires and saved me.

The bare knuckle boxer says he feels he was given a ‘second chance’.
Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baron

"But I know there is something there [after death].

"I have seen it, but I was given a second chance.”

However, his ‘second chance’ hasn’t all been plain sailing and the fighter admits to having battles with both alcohol and drugs as his life ‘​​went off the rails for a few years’.

McCallum says it was actually bare knuckle fighting that got his life back on track, having been recommended to give it a go by his partner.

McCallum now has his eyes on the prize and is dead set on becoming ‘one of the best bare-knuckle boxers in the world’.

He will take on Scott McHugh at the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London today.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @pro_bkb_the_baron

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