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Millionaire who bought £21 million apartment pulls off unbelievable operation with £1.6m supercar

Millionaire who bought £21 million apartment pulls off unbelievable operation with £1.6m supercar

Adrian Portelli described the operation as a dream come true

It can be tough to find a parking space at the best of times, but you'd think that having millions of dollars to your name would help with that.

Okay, it's not like you can throw money at the street and have a parking space pop up out of nowhere, but you at least don't have to worry about coughing up the cost of a car parking ticket, or having to pay for a taxi because there's nowhere to park.

Portelli owns Melbourne's most expensive apartment.

With that in mind, you'd think that the last place a millionaire would want to park their car would be in their actual living room. But 34-year-old Adrian Portelli, from Melbourne, is here to prove us wrong.

The millionaire, who founded the subscription-only loyalty company LCMT+, recently became the proud owner of a penthouse apartment for £21 million ($39 million AUD); a purchase which officially set a record for Melbourne’s most expensive apartment.

The penthouse is still under construction, and sits 57 storeys off the ground at the top of the Sapphire by the Gardens tower.

Portelli doesn't actually plan to live there full-time, and instead considers the house a weekend getaway with a 'wow' factor.

After news of the home emerged, Portelli confirmed: "There’s been a lot of rumours floating around, but yes, I’ve been working on this quietly in the background for the last few months designing my new home. I can’t wait to show you guys the final fit-out."

But despite the fact he'll only be there on occasion, Portelli has decided the penthouse is the perfect place to park his car.

We're not talking about a good old Ford Focus or anything here, though - we're talking a £1.6 million ($3m AUD) McLaren Senna GTR supercar.

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'I bet that car wouldn't fit in the lift'.

No, it probably wouldn't, so instead Portelli decided to get a crane involved.

Portelli wants his car on display in the living area.

In an epic operation involving a whole team, the car was lifted up the height of the building to the 57th floor, where it was successfully inserted into Portelli's living area.

“It’s a car that we can’t register, and it’s just collecting dust, so I might as well have it somewhere where it’s safe,” he told 7News.

The millionaire later took to social media to thank those who had been involved in the operation, saying: “A huge thank you to everyone involved for making this absolutely surreal moment happen. Forever grateful.”

Having grown up in the suburbs as a 'humble kid', Portelli said getting his pricey car into his even pricier penthouse was a dream come true.

Featured Image Credit: 7News

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