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Airbnb Host Is Charging Nearly £60 A Night To Stay In Tent On Concrete In His Garden

Airbnb Host Is Charging Nearly £60 A Night To Stay In Tent On Concrete In His Garden

It's true when they say you can't put a price on comfort!

An Airbnb host was caught offering a rather uncomfortable looking night's sleep in a tent for almost £60 a night and unsurprisingly, people were outraged.

Of course, we all know that Airbnb is known for its quirky and often unconventional choices of accommodation, but generally, we trust the holiday rental company for an affordable yet comfy night's sleep.

But one listing has completely baffled social media this week after an Airbnb lister expected holiday-goers to fork out a hefty sum to sleep in a rather shabby-looking pop-up tent in their back garden.

Yep, tourists looking to spend a couple of nights in Dublin, Ireland, could have had the luxury of staying in what appears to be a two-man tent in someone's concrete back garden for almost £60 per night.

For almost £60, holiday-goers could have had the luxury of a pop-up tent in someone's back garden.

The listing described a 'private room in Dublin', which was on offer for a discounted €59 (£49) per night, having originally been priced at €69 (£58).

After being spotted, Twitter user Aimée decided to share the shocking find online, which lead to many pointing out that the listing surely must have been a joke.

But incredibly, the ad was no joke as Aimée reached out to the renter herself which eventually confirmed its authenticity.

In a screenshot also shared on Twitter, the renter is seen responding with: "It's not a joke.

"However, maybe a comfortable couch in the living room is something you prefer. I have a very large living room for that and several couches. And its listed also."

It turned out that the ad was not a joke.

After Aimée's tweet was shared by housing activist Ciaran, who runs the account @crazyhouseprice, people just couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"It has to be a p**s take!? Surely!! If not I'm just going to curl up in the corner and cry," one user wrote, as another said: "Imagine renting out a tent in your front garden for €60 a night and not expecting to burn in hell for all eternity."

Anger was then turned to Airbnb for allowing such a listing to be online in the first place.

"@Airbnb @AirbnbHelp how are you letting stuff like this be advertised??" one user fired at the property rental company.

"@Airbnb for f**k's sake, why is this allowed," another then asked.

Following the outrage, Aimée provided an update on the listing, showing how it had swiftly been removed from the website and was no longer traceable. It is currently unknown if the listing was removed by the renter or Airbnb.

While at the end of the day it's up to the renter to decide what they charge for people to stay in their properties, there's absolutely no denying that almost £60 for one night in a pop-up tent certainly isn't money well spent.

LADbible has reached out to Airbnb for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Airbnb

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