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Amazon driver falls into septic tank and gets trapped 6ft underground

Amazon driver falls into septic tank and gets trapped 6ft underground

The Amazon delivery man was eventually rescued from the septic tank by the fire service

An Amazon delivery driver was rescued after falling into the septic tank at a customer’s house and spending hours trapped underground. Here's some footage he filmed from down in the hole:

It’s not exactly a desirable day’s work, but it’s the one that Charles Amicangel was faced with.

He was just trying to drop off some parcel or other at a house when the ground suddenly gave way beneath him and he landed in a puddle of – well – you can imagine what sort of stuff he was in.

What a day, right?

We’ve all had days at work when we’ve wanted the ground to open up and swallow us, but on this occasion it actually happened.

Charles immediately called for some help, but then started to see the funny side and took out his phone to film a video for his TikTok.

In that video, he said: "So I'm delivering to this customer's house and I just fell into a septic tank, I think.

"I don't know if they were digging it or what, but I walked by it and the ground came out underneath me.

"I'm like 6ft down and I tried using these roots around me to get out and they just pulled more dirt on top of me."

Yeah, probably best to stop doing that, then.

It looks pretty grim down there.

After sharing his surroundings on camera, Charles revealed that his plan was to simply stand there and wait to be rescued by the police or the fire department.

In a moment of reflection, Charles said: "I'm standing in knee-deep sludge - p*** and s***.

“I really do not want to die in somebody's whatever you call this thing."

No, it doesn’t sound ideal, to be quite honest with you.

What’s more, he claimed that he still had 100 deliveries left to make with his parcels.

Luckily, eventually the fire lads sent over a helicopter and dropped a ladder down to help get him out, and a colleague turned up to take half his workload away so that he could get finished quicker.

In the end, he got back to work.

Would you be going back to work straight after that?

Obviously, his TikTok followers were pleased that he managed to get out.

One said: "No lie, if I was your boss and heard this situation I’m coming to check on you myself. Forget about finishing the route."

Others piped up to ask Amazon whether Charles could have a pay rise for his troubles.

Another warned: "You should get blood work done to make sure you didn’t contract hepatitis or so other waste borne illnesses.”

Sound advice.

At least he managed to get out of there safely, eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/dovakiin0103

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