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Amazon driver spotted skiing down the road to deliver parcel to customer

Amazon driver spotted skiing down the road to deliver parcel to customer

He was clearly determined to deliver that parcel

An Amazon delivery driver was spotted ‘skiing’ down an icy street to drop off a parcel.

The UK has been hit with a bit of a cold snap at the moment, but this delivery driver wasn’t about to let a bit of bad weather stop him from dropping off a parcel - check it out:

Fair play, that is pretty impressive.

In the clip, which was shared on Facebook, the man can be seen gracefully sliding his way down the street while clutching a parcel.

Residents in Newton Abbey, Devon, looked on as he slowly and carefully made his way down the street before coming to a stop at the bottom.

Scott Christie, who filmed the clip, told DevonLive the incident 'it made everyone's morning'.

He said: "The children loved watching him ‘skiing' down the hill. Just to see how dedicated he was in making sure all his parcels were delivered is incredible and we believe he needs some definite recognition from Amazon for his hard work he's put in."

He added: "He had nothing but a smile on his face and shared a laugh or two with us all when he got to the bottom."

Spotted Newton Abbot/Facebook

The video was shared to the Spotted Newton Abbot Facebook page, with the caption: “Black ice won't stop this delivery driver. You will have your parcel sir."

It’s since racked up thousands of views and attracted plenty of comments from people impressed by the driver’s commitment.

One wrote: "Loving the casual lil strut at the end!!! What a legend."

Another said: "Good on him. Above and beyond job description.

A third commented: "Maybe skating should be in the job description! Fair play to him," while someone else said: “This guy deserves an award he’s amazing.”

Spotted Newton Abbot/Facebook

Is anyone else now wondering how he managed to get back up the street?

In an update to the page, the man himself has since posted explaining what was going on.

He wrote: “The crazy delivery driver was me! I was doing a video at the same time letting my managers know that it is not safe to drive in those conditions!

“After 4 stops I decided to return the whole route back to the depot. I was reading about the whole situation down there and I was surprised when I saw the video of me trying to get down the hill.”

Featured Image Credit: Spotted Newton Abbot/Facebook

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