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Influencer responds to people saying she will regret 'tattoo' of boyfriend's name on her forehead

Influencer responds to people saying she will regret 'tattoo' of boyfriend's name on her forehead

Ana Stanskovsky says it's the way she wants to express her love for Kevin.

An influencer has decided to get her boyfriend's name 'tattooed' across her forehead.

Ana Stanskovsky posted a video of her getting the stencil of Kevin drawn on the upper part of her face.

She then sits down in a chair to get the design inked.

In the clip posted on her Instagram page, she squirmed and frowned as the needle was apparently digging into her forehead.

While it might have been a painful experience, she was shocked when it was all finished.

She couldn't wipe the smile off her face when she looked in the mirror.

People in the comments section could not believe it.

One viewer wrote: "He’ll love it! Your next boyfriend will hate it though."

Another added: "That's literally the stupidest s**t I've ever seen!!!"

A third said: "As a tattoo artist.... I'd NEVER do this to another human being."

There were plenty of people saying she would absolutely regret this in the future, even if she stays with Kevin for the rest of her life.

However, Ana has responded to the backlash and told everyone that it's none of their business what she does.

"Everyone was saying to me I will regret that and every time I'm looking in the mirror I'm just like...I'm in love," she said in a new video.

"I'm in love with the tattoo and I'm in love with my boyfriend and I think if you really love someone you just got to show know, you just got to prove it.

"So I think if your girlfriend doesn't want a tattoo your name on her face you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don't think she loves you.

"This is the way you show your love."

She addressed the idea of what will happen if her and Kevin break up one day, but she just said that this is how she's 'expressing her feelings'.

"I'm loving it," she said. "I'm loving it. I'm definitely not going to regret can I regret this, it's beautiful."

There have been a lot of people saying the video of her getting inked is fake and are pointing at the tattoo gun appearing to not be legitimate.

Ana posted a clip to her social media pages insisting that the tattoo is very much real and it has healed enough that she doesn't need cling film over the top anymore.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ana Stanskovsky

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