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Tattoo artist debunks viral video of influencer getting boyfriend's name on forehead

Tattoo artist debunks viral video of influencer getting boyfriend's name on forehead

Influencer Ana Stanskovsky claimed to have 'KEVIN' tattooed on her forehead, but celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul isn't so sure

A tattoo artist has debunked the claim that a woman had her boyfriend’s name tattooed across her forehead.

You’ve probably seen it doing the rounds recently, but – in case you haven’t – the idea is that an influencer was so devoted to her lovely boyfriend called Kevin that she decided to honour him by having his name plastered across her forehead permanently.

Naturally, it caused a bit of a stir, but you should always question these things wherever you see them.

After all, I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, ‘don’t believe everything you read on the internet, because people are always trying to lie to you’.

Ana Stanskovsky claims to have got 'KEVIN' tattooed on her head.

The whole thing was kicked off by online creator Ana Stanskovsky, who shared the video of herself getting ‘inked’ across the face, showing herself wriggling and wincing as the needle supposedly tattooed the name indelibly on her.

But, while she seemed pleased with the work that she’d had done, she might have been more pleased with the fact that she didn’t have to walk around with ‘KEVIN’ written on her fod for the rest of her days.

Speaking to Metro, celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul say that he doesn’t believe that it’s real for one second.

Kevin, eh?

What are the chances?

This Kevin is the sort of person who would know a real tattoo when he sees one, though.

Paul has tattooed a whole host of celebrities such as Harry Styles, Rihanna, and Ed Sheeran, and he reckons this stunt is ‘100% fake’.

“It’s literally black marker pen,” he said.

So, how does he know?

Well, he’s a celebrity tattoo artist to start with.

Paul continued: “The machine isn’t even running and there’s no ink coming out of it.

“There’s no needle actually going into the skin.”

Celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul says it's all fake, though.

What’s more, she isn’t reacting as you would be if you were getting repeatedly prodded in the head by a sharp needle.

“Her skin would be raised and welted,” Kevin added.

“All the pores would be raised up.

“You’d also see ink and blood dripping down her face.”

Kevin – as well as being an expert – also has head tattoos of his own, so he knows that they actually hurt quite a bit.

He went on: “You don’t sit with a face like that when you’re getting your head tattooed.

“It hurts.

“It’s a desperate attempt for a tattoo artist to get noticed, and for the girl to get more followers.”

Loads of people online weren’t convinced, either.

“Come on guys, course it isn’t real,” one comment read.

“As a tattoo artist… I’d NEVER do this to another human being,” someone else said.

Paul believes that the tattoo is total nonsense.

However, Ana has since doubled down on, publishing another video in which she said: “Every time I’m looking in the mirror, I’m in love.

“I’m in love with the tattoo and I’m in love with my boyfriend.

“If you really love with someone… you’ve just got to show it, you’ve just got to prove it.

“I think if your girlfriend doesn’t want to tattoo your name on her face, you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don’t think she loves you.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ana_stanskovsky

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