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Driver fined more than £150 for parking in his own driveway

Driver fined more than £150 for parking in his own driveway

Angus Kelleher couldn't believe it when he was hit with the huge fine for parking outside his own home

A driver has been fined £150 for trying to park on his driveway.

Angus Kelleher, from Sydney, Australia, has sparked a debate after he was slapped with the penalty notice for his illegal manoeuvre.

The radio producer returned home recently and dropped his car off outside, as he mostly likely does on a regular basis.

However, while he thought it would be fine, Angus ended up being hit with a fine for $283 AUD (£150) for parking over the pavement 'ever so slightly'.

After receiving the penalty, Angus decided to see what listeners thought about it all, and shared a snap of his parking with them.

Angus was fined for parking on his driveway.

While he admitted that it was causing a minor obstruction, he didn't think the fine was warranted as people had lots of room to get around the vehicle.

He told colleague Ben Fordham: "It’s very easy, there’s no grass, it’s not a road, people can easily get around... I reckon a semi-trailer can get around."

When Angus was asked why he didn't just park his car in the garage, though, he said it wasn't possible.

"It’s a really old garage, it doesn’t always work, there are often problems with it,” he told the host.

In the state of New South Wales, it's prohibited to park park a car across a driveway unless it's to pick someone up or drop them off.

Was it justified?

And even then the driver is not allowed to leave the car and must be gone within a couple of minutes.

The only people who are exempt from this law are emergency workers, such as the police and paramedics.

Anyone caught flouting the law, such as Angus, is likely to receive a $283 fine, which can rise to $362 if committed in a school zone.

But it's not just down under where motorists are at risk of sleeping walking into fines.

Back in Blighty, one driver was ordered to pay over £1,000 after contesting a ticket they received for parking along those white zig zag lines you often see on the roads.

A driver was ordered to pay over £1,000 after they challenged a parking fine in the UK
Richard Naude/Alamy

These zigzag lines appear at pedestrian crossings and the Highway Code states: "The approach to, and exit from, a pedestrian crossing is marked with zigzag lines. It also means that you must not park on them or overtake the leading vehicle when approaching the crossing.

"Parking here would block the view for pedestrians and the approaching traffic."

The same rules apply to yellow zigzag lines, which are instead found outside of schools, police stations, hospitals and fire stations.

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for Lymme Police said: "The driver disputed the ticket and the case was heard at Warrington Magistrates on Monday 25th April.

"A guilty verdict was found resulting in a total fine of £1,026."

Featured Image Credit: 2GB

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