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Man Gives Up Beloved Dog After Coronavirus Left Him Jobless

Man Gives Up Beloved Dog After Coronavirus Left Him Jobless

In what might be the saddest thing you'll read all day, a man had to give up his beloved pet dog due to the financial issues he had faced due to coronavirus.

Staff at Johnson County Animal Shelter in Indiana, USA, were left heartbroken when a dog named Roadie was left in their care with a handwritten note attached to her collar.

The note explained why the owner felt forced to give his best friend up as he had lost his job and his home, asking for the staff members to find Roadie a family that could look after her well.

And if that doesn't make you well up, well, there's a black hole in place of your heart.


As well as expressing his difficulty in giving up the German shepherd/Australian shepherd mix, the man also offered details of vet treatments and her obscenely cute personality.

The note reads: "My name is Roadie. I was rescued from a litter of 10. I am half German shepherd, half Australian shepherd.

Credit: Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook
Credit: Hendricks County Animal Shelter/Facebook

"I know basic commands like sit, lay down, shake, and rollover. I like to play and am full of energy.


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"I love to chew on toys and tear them apart if it has a squeaker! I have been wormed and sprayed. I also have my rabies shot.


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"I was a spoiled girl, my dad gave me my own couch to lay on and my own memory foam bed. He also fed me steak, chicken and rice. But my primary food was Iams lamb and rice.

"Please if you find me give me a good home and love. And maybe a friend! I love children and play well with other dogs.

"My dad lost his job and soon his home from Covid. Please pray for him and give him hope that I will find a good home!"


Johnson County Animal Shelter shared a snap of the note alongside a picture of Roadie and, don't worry, because it looks like there are plenty of people who want to give her a forever home.

That said, Michael Delp, director of the rescue organisation, warned people not to leave their pets on their own - no matter what the circumstances.

He told WTHR: "It's never a good idea to release an animal anywhere on its own.

"Roadie could have been struck by a vehicle, could have been attacked by wolves or coyotes. So call your local shelter."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Hendricks County Animal Shelter/

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