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Disturbing Video Shows Seal Towing Children In Boat With Rope Around Its Neck

Disturbing Video Shows Seal Towing Children In Boat With Rope Around Its Neck

A video has emerged of seal at an animal park in Belgium being forced to tow children in a boat with a rope tied around its neck

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

WARNING: This article features images and footage which some readers may find distressing

A video has emerged from an animal park in Belgium where a seal can be seen using a rope that's tied around its neck to tow children in a boat behind it. You can watch the video below, but it's obviously something that some readers may find upsetting.

The video was taken at the Mont Mosan animal park in Huy, in the Liège province of Belgium and shared on Facebook by the animal rights organisation C'est assez (which translates to 'That's enough') after it was forwarded to them by Aaron Copette, who took the video.

It shows two seals swimming in a water attraction at the park, one of whom can be seen with a blue ring attached to its neck as it rounds a corner towing a boat in which three children are sitting.

Since being shared online on Sunday 9 August, the footage has been seen more than half a million times and has, understandably, provoked a huge outrage on the internet.

Aaron Copette/Newsflash

Copette said: "I find it horrible what we are still doing to animals in 2020. All to entertain people and for money!"

Although Copette himself didn't lodge a complaint, when asked what he thought should be done, he answered: "I think the park should rehabilitate the animals in their natural environment."

He added: "Even if the owner of the park says he does not abuse or lock up the animals, or force them to do shows, it is still a form of abuse."

'C'est assez' founder Christine Grandjean made the following statement: "You can't treat animals like that! We don't want the [park owner] to be threatened and have amended our Facebook post to ask people to be more moderate when contacting him."

Aaron Copette/Newsflash

She added: "We don't think he is intentionally harming the animals. Even though we have received reports that the park is insalubrious. We understand that the seals do it voluntarily, slipping into the rope lasso and pulling the boat around. But they wouldn't do it if it weren't for the fish they are given as a reward.

"These are animals that belong in the wild. They should not be used as entertainment by people."

Featured Image Credit: Aaron Copette/Newsflash

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