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Video Shows Fisherman Catching Two Fish On The Same Line

Video Shows Fisherman Catching Two Fish On The Same Line

The Canadians struck lucky when a pike tried to eat the steelhead trout caught on their line

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A fluky fisherman couldn't believe his luck when he reeled in two fish on the same line.

Canadian Ryan Groves was enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon on the boat with his two friends Aaryn Vera and Ayden Tague when he made the double catch.

Even better, one of his mates managed to capture the moment they pulled in a pike, as well as a steelhead trout, in their net at the exact same moment.

At the beginning of the short clip, the fish can be seen surfacing near to their boat from the murky waters, of the Northern Ontario lake.

However, things take a remarkable turn when another fish leaps out of the water to attempt to eat the hooked fish.


That offered up the opportunity to grab the pair of them in the same net, and the lads duly obliged.

Ryan can be heard telling his mates: "Yep, I got it."

That's when a large pike emerged from the water and gripped their 'steely', wrapping its sizeable gob around it.

The boys, as you might imagine, struggled to contain their excitement.


It's not hard to see why, is it? It's not every day you catch two fish at the exact same time, using the same rod.

We can allow them their moment here, can't we?

The three boys started loudly cheering and hollering, shouting 'oh my God!' as they finally landed their catch on the boat.

They then splayed the two unlucky fish on the floor of the boat so that they could just take in their achievement and get a closer look at them.

Ayden added: "I got that on video!"


Excellent work, because now we've all got the film to watch back, too.

They managed to film the catch while they were out on the lake back in May, but it's only just surfaced - if you'll excuse the completely intentional pun - in recent times.

The steelhead trout is itself a treasured catch for any fisherman around those parts of the world, let alone with a pike chucked in for good measure.

They're from the same family as the rainbow trout, but the difference is that steelheads can also go out to sea before returning back up river later in their lives.

As for the pike, you might have seen one of them before, they're nasty looking, but still a sought-after fish for any keen angler.

Both at once? That's probably unlikely to happen again any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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