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Woman Jumps Out Of Her Car After Spotting Massive Spider

Woman Jumps Out Of Her Car After Spotting Massive Spider

She threatened to burn down her car rather than get back inside

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A woman had to jump out of her car after spotting a huge spider crawling around inside.

TikTok user truthinlove44, from Sydney, Australia, ditched her car in the middle of a busy road and vowed to burn it down and get a new one rather than hop back in with the creature still inside.

In a video posted to her account, the woman can be seen standing outside the passenger side door and filming the inside of the motor, with the large spider crawling above the window on the driver's side.

Seemingly, and understandably, pretty terrified, the woman can then be heard saying: "I am freaking out right now, look at that freaking spider. I've had to literally jump out of my car.

"I'm stuck in the middle of the road and, yuck. I'm going to set my car on fire and just, I'm going to burn this car and walk home because I can't, I can't, I can't deal."

A fairly reasonable response.

Since she posted the clip, it has been liked more than 73,000 times, with hundreds of people commenting on it.

One user said they were stunned that no one had come over to see if she's ok.

They said: "The fact that you are literally outside your car in the middle of the road and no one has checked on you (laughing emoji)."

The woman jumped out of the car when she spotted the huge spider.
TikTok/ truthinlove44

Another chimed in: "I had a similar experience two weeks ago. I cried and started doing my sacred spider dance in front of Aldi."

"I thought you were inside the car lol. I almost had a stroke watching that, ugh."

But not everyone was so sympathetic to her concerns, with a fellow Aussie saying there was nothing to be scared of.

They said: "As an Australian, I never understand why other Australians are scared of spiders, like, it literally won't do anything to you."

So what happened?

Well, the woman posted a second video in which she explained that the spider, eventually, hopped off of its own accord and that she didn't, in fact, have to set fire to her car.

She said: "The spider crawled outside the window to the outside of the car on the roof, and then from the roof it actually just jumped down on to the road and ran across the road.

"I didn't have to burn my car, even though I was more than willing and prepared to set that car on fire if I had to, I'm really lucky that I didn't."

She also warned others to be careful out there.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ truthinlove44

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