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Paramedic debunks myth that you should pee on a jellyfish sting

Paramedic debunks myth that you should pee on a jellyfish sting

It's sent the internet into a complete spiral

You know that nugget of wisdom that peeing on a jellyfish sting helps the pain go away that we've been believing our entire lives?

Well, turns out it a load of lies after one paramedic totally debunked the jellyfish myth and has instead explained what people should do if they ever find themselves in such a sticky situation.

The expert took to TikTok to re-enact in a skit a situation he's come across all too much.

The paramedic explained what people should actually do in the case of a jellyfish sting.

In the TikTok, the paramedic assured the other characters, also played by himself: "There's actually a pretty simple way to ease the pain!"

One of the characters answers: "Pee? We already did that [...] but that didn't work.

"Now we just don't know what to do!"

Clearly horrified by what he had just been told, namely that the entire group of pals all chipped in to have a slash on their pal's leg, the paramedic exclaims: "Water!

"You just soak it in hot water! That's it!"

The paramedic captioned the TikTok: "Real things I’ve heard as a Paramedic. Yes, people really do this."

The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 13.5 million views since it was first posted just two days ago.

He totally debunked the bizarre jellyfish pee theory.

Many rushed in to share their thanks for the tip, with one TikTok user writing: "I actually didn't know hot water helped, but now I do!"

A second admitted: "I have NEVER heard of hot water for a jellyfish sting!"

Others, however, were keen to get to the bottom of where the bizarre jellyfish theory even originated from in the first place.

"Wait so it really is a myth?" asked one puzzled TikTok user, while another echoed: "So where did this theory of peeing on a jelly fish sting come from?"

Such questions sparked a whole avalanche of responses from people eager to share where they first heard the myth.

One TikTok user penned: "I blame the beach episode of Friends."

Another added: "Friends made me think this was a real solution."

And third quipped: "It's all because of that one episode of Friends!"

Need your memory jogging?

Well, back in 1997, the American sitcom seared a myth into our brains that we clearly haven't been able to shift even after all these years.

Titled 'The One With The Jellyfish', the episode was the first to premiere the show's fourth season.

The gang took a trip outside the city and enjoy some relaxing time at the beach - or so they thought.

As Monica and Chandler debating why he should be her boyfriend, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish.

Quick to the rescue, Joey then alerts the pair to something he remembered from a Discovery channel documentary - the suggestion that urinating on a jellyfish sting can make the pain go away.

Bolstering up the courage to 'step up' and help his pal, he then gets pee shy and can't fulfil the deed leaving Chandler to do it instead.

Needless to say, it left all three of them absolutely traumatised and left audiences, to this day, believing Joey's fun fact was actually true.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@firedepartmentchronicles

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