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Horror as woman discovers what ‘sesame seed size things’ she found on her bed actually are

Horror as woman discovers what ‘sesame seed size things’ she found on her bed actually are

She was mortified when she realised what the ‘sesame seed size things’ on her bed were

A woman was left horrified after learning what the 'sesame seed size things' she found on her bed actually are.

Sometimes it's hard to know if your bed sheets need changing, especially if they smell and look fine. But most people should, in fact, wash their sheets once per week, according to the Sleep Foundation.

And only 28 percent of Britons actually do (no judgement here).

How often do you change your bed sheets?
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But it goes without saying that if you've been waking up to a load of brown dots on your bed, you probably need to change your sheets.

Taking to Reddit, one woman asked for 'help' as she attempts to get to the bottom of what the 'sesame seed size things' on her bed are.

Earlier today (29 January) she wrote: "Keep finding these sesame seed size things on my bed.

"Does anyone know where these are coming from? I have been finding them on my bed for the past couple of weeks.

"I have two cats which I suspect is coming from them maybe. Please help!"

A woman took to Reddit to question the 'sesame seed size things' she found on her bed.

In the comments section, users appeared to be fairly confident of where the brown dots were coming from.

"Worms from your cats a**," one person revealed, as another suggested: "As a vet, they’re not roundworm, they’re tape worm proglottids (segments containing eggs).

"Probably from species taenia taeniaeformis, by the looks. They’re spread to cats by eating infected mice, rabbits etc.

"So depending on your living situation, might pay to check you don’t have a rodent problem, OP!

"Everyone’s suggesting you also flea your cat because the more common cat tape worm, Dipylidium caninum, is spread by fleas.

She was horrified after finding out what they really were.

"This likes more like taenia, but you should de-flea your cat anyway."

A third person commented: "Talk to a vet before buying anything. My dog was being treated for worms when we adopted him and it made him VERY sick.It’s not easy on them. Plus, they’ll know which kind you need."

"Yup it’s the cats. At some point they ate a flea that was carrying tapeworms," a fourth said.

"These are the tapeworm segments that come out of the cat and dry up.

Here's the suspected culprit...

"They are potentially something that you can ingest and have as well so get your cats to the vet and get some de-worming tablets."

According to Mayo Clinic, tapeworm infections are treated with anti-parasitic drugs.

"Treatments for larval cyst infections may include anti-parasitic drugs and surgery to remove the cyst. Other drugs may be used to treat symptoms," they added.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/iMishusm

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