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Vet praised for heartwarming response after owners ask for 7-week-old puppy to be euthanised

Vet praised for heartwarming response after owners ask for 7-week-old puppy to be euthanised

The pup was born with health issues, with the vet admitting people will likely 'be a bit judgemental'

A vet in New Zealand has been praised for his response after the owners of a seven-week-old puppy asked for the pooch to be put down.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a vet must surely be having to see people's beloved pets pass away.

But when vet Oliver Reeve was faced with the possibility of needing to put the golden labradoodle to sleep, he made a heroic decision.

Little Toby was born with birth defects (X/@FeltonR)
Little Toby was born with birth defects (X/@FeltonR)

Oliver took to X to explain that the puppy came into the surgery with health issues that were severely impacting his welfare.

He explained that the current owners weren't able to pay the fees required to remedy the condition.

"The puppy has a health issue that impacts its welfare. So something needed to be done," he told followers.

"Owner couldn’t/wouldn’t pay for the fix and elected euthanasia... It’s hard putting puppies down, vets hate it."

Already fur dad to two other dogs, one cat, one rat and three rabbits, Oliver made the decision to keep the pup himself, ensuring he gets the treatment he needs.

"A 7 week old puppy got brought into the clinic to be euthanised tonight. Very sad. Any way, meet my new son," he wrote on X.

"My daughter wants to call him Toby, which is a solid name.

"We’ll see if it fits. Pet names depend a lot on if my Wife has had a really difficult child by the same name in her class, then we can’t use that name."

Dr Reeve issued an update on the pub following his surgery (FeltonR/X)
Dr Reeve issued an update on the pub following his surgery (FeltonR/X)

Just yesterday, Oliver shared an update to say that Toby had just had his first of two surgeries to correct his birth defects.

"Toby has been into the clinic today for the first surgery to correct his birth defects," he said.

"He’ll need another surgery in a few months and then he (should) be all good! He did well today. Brave little man."

He also took the opportunity to speak a little about the idea of euthanising a puppy, following backlash from followers who criticised the original owners over their decision.

"I’m not going to talk about what defects they are. People are likely going to be a bit judgemental about him being surrendered for the issue," he said.

"The main thing is that the original owner sought veterinary care and didn’t let the puppy suffer.

"People shouldn’t be shamed for seeking veterinary care and electing euthanasia or surrender. Vets are not the police and we don’t want people reluctant to see us because they fear judgement.

"Taking a puppy to a vet and electing humane euthanasia is far better than letting the puppy suffer or dumping it - which definitely happens. Euthanasia may not seem palatable but it is a treatment option that preserves welfare and there can be lots of reasons why it’s chosen."

People were hugely grateful to Oliver for making the decision to help the pup instead of putting him to sleep.

We can't wait to see how this little man gets on.

Featured Image Credit: X/@FeltonR

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