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Expert explains why you shouldn't swim away from a shark

Expert explains why you shouldn't swim away from a shark

Professional diver and shark lover Kayleigh Nicole Grant has some interesting advice in case of an unexpected meeting with a shark

Although every instinct may urge you to swim for your life if you see a shark inbound, apparently, that's the last thing you should do.

Professional diver Kayleigh Nicole Grant, better known online as @mermaid.kayleigh, warned water lovers that trying to flee will only increase the potential danger.

Have a look at her video here:

The shark safety expert has built up a huge following on social media by sharing her tips and tricks for safe swimming while encouraging people to 'love the ocean' with her.

So it's no wonder we have quite a lot of trust in Kayleigh, even though at first glance, it seems like her suggestion is simply asking for trouble.

Basically, the diver wants you to forget everything you ever thought you knew about how to escape a run in with a shark.

So no panicking, flailing your limbs around and splashing to hopefully scare them away.

Instead, if you come face to face with a shark in the depths, you should 'stand your ground' - metaphorically, of course.

Kayleigh explained that you need to show the predator you are powerful, rather than looking like an easy lunch to them.

Swimming away will only intrigue sharks more and make them think you are prey scuttling away - so stick to your guns.

The shark was heading straight for Kayleigh but she didn't even flinch.

Sharing a video on Instagram to demonstrate her potentially life-saving hack, Kayleigh filmed a fearsome tiger shark making a beeline for her while she was out in the water with a pal.

The beast seemed mesmerised by her flippers and headed straight towards her, but the diver didn't even flinch.

"If you panic and swim away from sharks they will likely continue to follow you due to their prey drive," Kayleigh said in the clip.

As the shark then came dangerously close to her, she extended her hand out and gently nudged its face away from her - expertly managing to reroute the predator's intended path.

Kayleigh added: "Stand your ground, make eye contact and push them away if absolutely necessary."

The clip obviously went viral as her followers could not believe how she managed to keep her cool with a huge tiger shark on her tail.

She nudged the predator's head and redirected its path away from her.

The diver explained: "Sharks have natural instincts and splashing, panicking, and swimming away from them can trigger their prey drive."

It's fair to say social media users were impressed with her method and bravery.

One said: "That’s unbelievably good footage! Also good to show that they aren’t bloodthirsty monsters only out to eat people, but animals following their instincts!"

Another added: "That’s so cool. Just casually pushing away a tiger shark."

A third wrote: "Bro just parried a f***ing tiger shark, respect."

A fourth chimed in: "I hope I never have to execute that technique. Just saying."

And a fifth joked: "Girl, I can't make eye contact with my crush let alone a shark."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mermaid.kayleigh

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