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World’s ‘most identical twins’ with the same boyfriend are now looking for the same job

World’s ‘most identical twins’ with the same boyfriend are now looking for the same job

Anna and Lucy want to follow the same career path

The world's 'most identical twins' are taking the next step to bring them closer together.

Yep, not content with syncing up their pregnancies and sharing the same man, they now want to get the same job:

You may have heard of Anna and Lucy DeCinque. While twins are known to share certain characteristics, they have taken things to the Nth degree, living with their joint fiancé Ben Byrne.

As well as that, they've even enhanced their own natural similarities, forking out $250,000 (£194k) on cosmetic surgery to look more alike.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning about their TLC show Extreme Sisters, they explained that they rather than looking to follow their own career paths, they want to stick together.

"Like, we need to find an employer that understands our bond, that, you know, accepts who we are, you know, that understands us, understands the way we work," they told the hosts.

Anna and Lucy say they want to get the same job.
This Morning/ITV

"You know, we'll get the task done, we're hard working girls... we just come as a package and teamwork to us is everything.

"We work well as a team, we function as a team. We don't work separately, we've got a doctor's certificate, we can't be apart, so...

"We work best as a team, we are better together."

Elsewhere in the interview, the sisters opened up about how intimacy works in their relationship with Ben.

Holly suggested that perhaps one of them could end up feeling a little left out at times.

But Anna and Lucy said it's just not like that.

"Like we've said from day one there's never been any jealousy," Lucy explained.

The twins with Ben.

"You know, if Ben kisses Anna, he'll kiss me straight away. From day one, there's never been any jealousy.

"And he doesn't want to separate us, he doesn't favour one twin over the other."

Anna then said: "It's all equal in this relationship, and he treats us the same."

This isn't the first time the pair have discussed their unique lives.

During a previous visit to the show, they went into detail about their daily habits and how close they get.

"We shower together we make up together we go to bed at the same time, we eat together, we're hungry together, everything is just the same," they said.

"It could be obsessive but this is how we want to live our life, we live as one person."

Featured Image Credit: @annalucydecinque/Instagram

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