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Aussie complains their 500g of supermarket mince meat doesn’t actually weigh 500g

Rachel Lang

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Aussie complains their 500g of supermarket mince meat doesn’t actually weigh 500g

One furious Australian has taken to social media to lambast supermarket giant Coles after the mince meat they bought was found to be - gasp - slightly under the weight it was advertised.

The very miffed shopper took to Reddit to share a picture of their mince meat, which came from a Coles 500 gram pack.

They discovered it came in at a disapointing 484 grams.

We're sure the Redditor had an absolute conniption upon seeing the 16 gram difference.


The meat probably exploded. The scales came up with the number 666. In the distance, sirens.

Anyway, back to reality.

The Redditor shared their shock find alongside the caption: "500g ain't 500g these days. Dodgy Coles."


The now-viral post resulted in some light-hearted ribbing from other social media users, who largely mocked the post as they claimed it would likely end up the subject of a news story.

Yes, which is what is happening right now. We're going full meta, people.

One user said: "Meat scandal ROCKS Coles as customers claim they have been ripped off!"

A second added: "Controversial Coles secret divides the internet!"


A third joked: "Meat Not To Scale: Welfare Sop Badgers Coles Over Missing Mince."

Yes, Redditors. We see you.

Anyway, some put it down to the additional weight of that gross maxi-pad found at the bottom of the prepackaged mince meat containers.

You know the one, it sits there at the bottom to soak up all of the feral meat juice.


However, another Redditor took the whole thing rather seriously.

Apparently if there is an 'e' mark on the sticker it means the weight has been estimated.

Coles... How COULD you!? Credit: martin berry / Alamy
Coles... How COULD you!? Credit: martin berry / Alamy

The Redditor said: "Regulations for the e mark say that a 500g package shall not deviate by more than three per cent which would be 485g."


They added: "Also, domestic kitchen scales are not all that accurate, so it's very likely the actual weight is more than 484 grams."

They then went on to add a caveat to their post: "Note also that this does NOT mean Coles can just put 485g in each package and get away with it, it still has average out to 500g per pack - [original poster] just got an unlucky one."

Well, there you go.

So there are some science facts to back up why your meaty package might be just under or just over (if you're lucky).

Coles has reponded to the furore, telling LADbible: “We take measurement accuracy very seriously.

"The measurement instruments used by Coles are tested regularly to ensure they are accurate.

"We also require our suppliers to ensure their products comply with all measurement laws, and we remove products from sale if we find or are advised they are non-compliant.

"Household scales are not made to commercial standard and are generally not regularly checked for accuracy.

"As always, we encourage customers to return any item they’re not happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement.”

Featured Image Credit: theremustbeone/Reddit. picturelibrary / Alamy.

Topics: Reddit, Australia, Food And Drink

Rachel Lang
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