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Aussie left shocked after discovering Vegemite Squeezy for nachos

Charisa Bossinakis

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Aussie left shocked after discovering Vegemite Squeezy for nachos

When it comes to the rules of Vegemite, a little goes a long way.

Merely spreading a thin layer on a buttered-up piece of toast is usually the perfect way to activate it.

However, one Aussie is stunned after discovering a bottle of Vegemite Squeezy made for hot dishes on supermarket shelves.

The Reddit user under the name ‘u/RagsTTiger’, posted the horrifying photo with the caption: “Australia is a wasteland where rules do not apply.”


The picture included two Vegemite Squeezy bottles, one for nachos and one for stir fry.

That’s it; I'm calling the police.


Look, I’m all about food fusion.

Take the cronut, for example, or savoury crepes, pizza rolls, hell I’ll even go one step further and do a pad thai quinoa bowl, but Vegemite Squeezy on these beloved dishes? We think not!

Of course, the post left many users disturbed, as one advised: “Try a bit on a sandwich…”

Another said: “If you like strong bitter yeast... Yeah, sure, it's great.”


A third commented: “Yeah, that's a serious crime against nachos.”

However, some users admitted they were open to trying the spread on different dishes.

One user suggested: “I think it would greatly depend on how much you use. Use it sparingly and it would add a depth of flavour without tasting of Vegemite - like adding a small amount of coffee to a chocolate cake batter enhances the chocolate without tasting of coffee.

“Anyone adding great big globs of Vegemite like they're an American with a fresh jar of peanut butter is asking for their food to be saltier than salt itself.”


Another said: “They're just labels promoting ways you can use Vegemite in cooking. Vegemite could be used as a substitute for things like miso paste to get that umami flavour.

“Also, Squeezy Vegemite is great for camping.”

While a third shared: “It goes soooo well in stews to enhance flavour.”

Look, these are all valid points, which are currently under board review.


Last year, the spread introduced its 'Mitey Meals' to try with foods including nachos, bolognese, pizza, parma, stir fry and pho, with the limited-edition labels showcasing how Vegemite can enhance recipe favourites.

And while I'm still questioning if the world is ready for Mitey Meals, perhaps Cadbury could bring back its beloved Vegemite Chocolate block.

Now, that's something I'd be game for.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/RagsTTiger. HBO

Topics: News, Food And Drink, Shopping, Australia, Reddit

Charisa Bossinakis
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