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Aussie Bloke Shares Strong Case That He Is Prince Charles And Camilla's Love Child

Aussie Bloke Shares Strong Case That He Is Prince Charles And Camilla's Love Child

Queensland grandfather, Simon Dorante-Day, has shared a new photo to illustrate his relation to the royal family.

A Queensland man claims he has 'undeniable proof' that he is the love child of Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Simon Dorante-Day, aged 56, has been on the hunt to prove he is of royal blood since the 1990s.

He has now shared what he calls photographic evidence that he reckons proves he is Prince Charles' first-born child.

He's compared photos of his younger self with his supposed Grandmother - Queen Elizabeth II. 

Posting to his Facebook page on his 56th birthday, he said: “A picture speaks a 1000 words!”

And plenty of people in the comments agreed that he bore a striking resemblance to the head of the British Royal Family.

One user said: “The eyebrows and their position above your eyes are another mirror image.”

Another added: “Those jolly genes are having a merry old time. At all ages/stages, there is undeniable very strong likeness to your biological family.”

A third wrote: “The shape of the face on the sides and the bottom are very similar, and unique. That's what struck me the most.”

It’s hard to deny that there are clear similarities between Dorante-Day and her majesty, and according to Simon, the images are helping in his case.

Speaking to 7News, he said: “The courts consider physical similarities and genetic traits when looking at paternity cases, especially when DNA tests are not readily available.

“Of course, I have a lot more proof than just photographs to back up my claims - and all of my research is checkable and readily accessible.”

Dorante-Day’s story is quite remarkable, and you couldn’t quite blame the bloke for believing his royal relations.

He was born in the UK in 1966 and was adopted at eight months old, with both of his adoptive grandparents previously working for the Queen and Prince Phillip. 

He claims Charles and Camilla’s relationship began a year before his birth, with the Duchess keeping him until he was eight months old and hiding him from the rest of the world. 

Throwing further intrigue to his case, a historian claimed the hospital on his birth certificate didn’t deliver a single baby in the decade of his birth - peculiar. 

He also believes the names of his parents listed on his birth certificate are false, while his own middle name of ‘Charles’ is a key clue to who his biological father really is. 

Meanwhile, he recalls visiting a woman quite often during his youth - a woman who he believes to be Camilla herself.

Dorante-Day has been fighting since 2018 for the Prince and Duchess to take a paternity test.

He says: “'My first court case was in 2018 and my legal battles continue to this day. I want to do this the right way so that my family and I can finally get the answers we deserve.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day. Lucy North / Alamy,

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